OSI Groups Buys Off Baho Food

Baho Food that operates plants in Germany and Netherlands having around five subsidiaries has been bought off by the group. For almost 60 years, the firm has worked effortlessly to build its reach and fan base and it has easily had the chance to reach over 18 European countries.

The president of OSI group stated that having bought Baho means that the food company will add to the business of OSI hence increasing their presence in Europe. Furthermore, David added that the portfolio of Baho complements the group current processing strengths which will help in broadening the capabilities to serve so many clienteles.

Achievements Over the Years

Over the years, the group has won a lot of awards in different categories. In the recent past, the chairman was given recognition by India’s Vision World Academy for having a Global Visionary Award.

The awards, held in February 2016 at the Chamber of Commerce and industry, saw the group food take several Global Visionary awards in various fields. The awards were as a result of perseverance and -persistence from the company throughout the whole year.

The achievements gained were as a result of the high-profile leadership in the group starting with their founder, Mr. Lavin. The founder began the company with only a handful of employees and a small processing place and machines. However, this grew to more than 60 locations and 17 countries.

In addition, some of the work done by the group has also helped them gain a lot of experience over the years. One of them being OSI-Vista which is the company that processes food making their own custom food such as meat and vegetables.

About the Group

Currently, the group is one of the largest private food processing companies in the world. In fact, its success is attributed to the same entrepreneurial spirit that led the leader Otto to begin this company.

OSI boasts of having the best menu in the market with the various products that they offer. In addition, people who work with the group end up building a good relationship. The group offers a long year contract from packaging to manufacturing and management with several companies making it the best food production company you ought to work with.