David McDonald’s Initiatives and Mergers To Scale Up OSI Group’s Operations

The world of food production already knows that David McDonald is already one of the most energetic, ennobled and admired business leaders in the world. He serves as the President as well as the CEO of OSI Group, as well as the Project Manager of the firm. He is also the Chairman of North American Meat Institute, as well as the Independent Director of the esteemed Marfrig Global Foods S.A. It’s not surprising then that the degree of David McDonald is in Animal Science.

An insightful article to know what the established OSI Group has achieved lately through David McDonald is the one from Meat Poultry. The feature in Meat Poultry is about how OSI International Foods in Australia and Turi Foods has completed a merger in its operations in Australia. The new partnership would now be called Turosi Pty Ltd.

The shared ownership is then an exemplary sample of how much David McDonald has committed for OSI Group. This merger would also bring the reputation of all the shareholders involved to a level that would generate more jobs in Australia and in other parts of the world that OSI holds operations.

OSI Group is also fortunate to have built relations with such an established brand. Turi Foods is based in Victoria, Australia, and its facilities are spread all over the state of Victoria. Its services offer solutions and supplies for supermarkets, fast-food restos, specialty retailer shops and even roast chicken stores in the country. The fact that McDonald has linked with such company means more opportunities for the employees of his company as well as of the different stores around Australia.

Being a privately owned firm, OSI International Foods maintains the most prosperous methods of doing business with all the parties involved in its operations across the Asia Pacific region. Its merger with Turi Foods would then be an added support to its efforts in scaling up its business. Turi Foods would also be a good ally in OSI International Foods’ effort to solve the pressing issues and modern demands of people with regards to protein consumption.

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