Eva Moskowitz: An Eye for Education Reform

Eva Moskowitz then moved on to Columbia University, New York in 1996 and was in charge of American Studies for three years. She previously served on the city council of New York. She headed the education committee until 2005. She rallied support to reform under-performing public schools in the city. She is also associated with Prep for Prep, a New York-based non-profit with a focus on leadership development.


Success Academy


Success Academy has only been existence in America for about a decade. However, in the short time of its existence, Success has had a significant impact on families in New York City. The academy’s new approach of ensuring that the kids are surrounded by people who have expectations on them has facilitated the academic success of these students.


The schools are also very responsive to parents. The teachers at the school always make sure that they have responded to all parents phone calls in a day. This has enhanced the increased popularity of the academy among parents in New York City.



The first school was in Harlem. Eva Moskowitz decided to focus on education that met international standards. Through her schools, the children who could not afford private school would get quality education. At Success Academies, students also learn other skills. Eva believes that chess and debate are helpful in sharpening the children’s skills. They also participate in various sports.


Eva Moskowitz has offered an opportunity that not many people had a couple of decades ago. She has set the benchmark for other educators who will come after her. Under her leadership, Success Academy has received several awards, including the 2017 Public Charter School’s Broad Prize. This award came with a cash prize of $250,000. Eva Moskowitz intends to continue offering outstanding academic results through her network of charter schools.