Zendaya Gets Busier

If there is one person that is working hard this year, it would be Zendaya. She is in the midst of a successful Disney show, “K.C. Undercover” and she has the ability to flip to the music world with a new single. She is getting a little help from Chris Brown as she emerges with a funky new sound.

The single has samples from the TLC song “Creep,” and this should show fans that Zendaya isn’ t playing around. She is about her business in 2016 and fans are loving it.

Her new sound is so hot, and investment bank Laidlaw & Company predicts that she’ll be the biggest name of 2016. She has a short haircut for this spicy new sound. Everything seems new. There is even a brand new producer on deck. Timbaland – producer for Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliot – has his hands on the boards. This could be a very interesting return to music for Zendaya.

Most people assumed that she was stay in the pop world. They didn’t have a desire to see her transition, but it was just a matter of time. The R&B fans that saw her dancing wanted to see her do an R&B song. They got their wish. Chris Brown is also on board for the first single, so the video should be awesome. She is Disney’s sweetheart, but she is set to now be the new R&B princess with this type of production from producer extraordinaire Timbaland.