Securus Technologies enhances inmates communication in the United States.

Securus Technologies is a prison technological company based in U. S Dallas Texas. It was founded in 1986 with regional offices located in Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, and Carrollton. The company is estimated to employ approximately 1000 permanent employees and 2600 who are on a contract basis within correctional facilities across Canada and United States.


Inmates in a correctional facility who would like to communicate with people at home are encouraged to visit Securus website that offers a wonderful platform to communicate with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies is believed to be the best agent in solving crime since it offers monitoring services to corrections facilities and security agencies. Law enforcement officers have a right to listen to conversation between the inmates and outsiders and this also gives them information which helps in investigation.


One should not have any worries while using Securus Technologies platform since it is safe and secure. This platform gives inmates an excellent opportunity to communicate with their loved ones when they cannot visit them in jail physically. This platform helps in saving the visitor’s time and money since some of them travel quite a distance between their place of residence and jail facilities. There are customer service representatives who can be contacted by the inmates in case they experience difficulties when using the platform.


Securus is committed to becoming the best tech-based software provider by offering innovative solutions that are economical to their customers. Securus Technologies provides services that are based on the emergency response, communication, verification, public information, inmate self-service as well as monitoring products and services. Securus Technology has hundreds of patents and scores of engineers, designers, technologists, and thinkers who provide excellent, innovative solutions which are second to none.


Collecting Evidence with Securus Technologies to Prosecute Criminals

In all my years in law enforcement, one thing that I can say has never changed in all those decades is that criminals will eventually sink their own ships if you give them enough time. The thinking is this, they execute the perfect crime, but how much of a rush is that for them if they can not brag about it. That bragging is what usually comes back to bite them in the end.


It doesn’t matter if a fugitive has just robbed a bank for $100,000 or murdered three people and is still on the streets. They want to feel that they pulled off something huge, and it means nothing to them if they can’t tell someone. Over the years I have developed some unique ways to get those around these fugitives to talk, but technology today is making my job even that much easier and helping to keep our streets safer for all of us.


To give you an example of this technology in action, we only need to look at Securus Technologies. This company is responsible for the new inmate communication system in our jail, allowing us to monitor the calls inmates make. A bit about the company and CEO Rick Smith, his Dallas based company now employs over 1,000 people who all work under one objective, helping to make the world safer for each of us.


I was trained to use the system and on the LBS software, and it allows us to now decipher messages these inmates use to talk to family and friends in code. They think they are talking about hiding evidence safely, but we can hear the chatter and take action. When inmates are talking about how they got away with murder and will be getting out soon, we can use those calls as evidence to make their stay a little longer in our jails.



Securus Technologies is willing to clear out the air between them and their competitor; Global Tel Link (GTL). They want to have an independent judge compare the two companies in terms of level of technology, security and sophistication of the telephone calling platform, efficiency in the capital and expense and customer service among other metrics. This was following the claims by GTL that their technology is comparable to that of Securus.



Securus Technologies is a Dallas based provider of technology to foster detainee communication, government information management solution and parolee tracking. The company aims at ensuring that its clients receive the most efficient technology for biometric analysis, information management, emergency response, inmate self-service and monitoring software. In the last 4 years the company has invested over $700 million. Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer at Securus, feels that this huge investment puts Securus at a better position with the customers as compared to any other competitors in the same industry including GTL.



One way through which Securus has enhanced its services is through acquisition of companies. For instance their acquisition of JPay in 2015. JPay introduced electronic payments, email and apps for entertainment and education in correction facilities. Securus has also its own 220 seat domestic call center ran by its employees who are trained as per the Better Business Bureau (BBB) standards. Thi ensures the embracing of honesty, transparency, responsiveness and privacy among other BBB values. For their great customer services, Securus received an A+ rating from BBB. This is unlike GTL which outsources most of its customer service. Additionally, Securus has the largest Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling platform for corrections in the world. The platform is of very high quality and provides software upgrades to customers in a faster and efficient way but at a lower cost. With these aspects and others, Securus tops the list of companies offering technology in corrections.



BBB Accredits Securus, A Criminal Justice Tech Company

I am about to describe to you a dream scenario for any business owner. Imagine providing a service to over 1 million people. This group of people has no choice but to use your service and this service is an integral part of life. There is no competition and you can charge whatever you would like for this important service. What would you do?


Some business owners would run a skeleton crew staff in order to save on costs. You might even jack up the price in order to make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. And there would be no incentive to provide good customer service because your customer base has no choice but to use what you provide.


This is the route that a company called Global Tel-Link has taken. The telecommunications conglomerate rakes in over $500 million per year raising prices on the telephone services they provide to prisoners and their families. They have an exclusive government contract to provide the services with no competition which allows them to drive up the price considerably.


But there is a also a company called Securus. This telecommunications competitor takes a completely different and ethical approach. They charge reasonable rates for telephone services and also provide video chat services to prisoners. They employ a 220 seat customer service call center which can respond to 2.5 million calls per month. They resolve 99.9% of all concerns on the first call and average in 11 second hold for incoming calls.


Securus even pays the Better Business Bureau for constant monitoring in order to upkeep a BBB accreditation. The accreditation is the highest award given by the BBB and it is shocking to hear that a company like Securus has achieved such an accreditation. After all, they are in a position of power which they apparently do not abuse.