Clearbee Exceeds Clients Expectation in Rubbish Removal

Naturally, most of the activities we engage in produce some waste or rubbish of some sort. Similarly, tools, machines, and equipment wear off with time and require replacement. It follows then that there are unnecessary things we need to get rid of. The question is how? Isn’t it a piece of work? However, this no cause to worry, professional rubbish collection services such as the Clearabee is providing the solution.


Clearabee is an amazing london rubbish removal company. T is important because it’s cost-effective, convenient and efficient. Besides, bulky heaps of waste can be cleared from your office, home or property on notifying the company. However, before hiring the services of these companies, check to ascertain whether they are prompt in response, the kind of waste they collect, and the rates should be reasonably fair.


About Clearbee

It is UK’s most popular collection company, utilizing both man and van clearance services. Daniel Long along with other partners co-founded the company. The company has grown due to flexibility, quick response and the 7 days’ customer service including evenings. The concept and venture were named among the top 20 start up companies in the UK.


The company complies with the environmental standards for safety. In fact, 90% of waste is diverted from landfill and reduce the Carbon monoxide exhumed from vehicles. They operate a standard where garbage must be collected the very day a client has called for clearance. Clearbee uses the Mobile Cloud technology in monitoring trucks during allocation, dispatch, collection and transport with minimal human interaction.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Patient Specific Treatments

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. A national network of five hospitals are located in cities across the United States offering specific care to adult cancer patients from across the country and around the world. The cities hosting the quality care hospitals are Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. Each of the five hospitals offer a vast array of specialty doctors and supportive care services as the centers believe in treating the physical and emotional needs of all of their patients.
The Cancer Treatment Centers are now collaborating with Nanthealth and Allscripts Sunrise. Nanthealth provides eviti which is a clinical decision support system that allows oncologists to see and assess levels of treatment for a patient from the treatment to outcomes and cost. Eviti will now be able to be integrated with Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records. This integration of systems, the Clinical Pathways program, makes it much easier for doctors to remain informed on the treatment process. Treatment regimens available can be compared and discussed by treatment teams. The integrated program also makes it easier to gain insurance approval for treatments.
Clinical Pathways allows oncologists to create very unique treatment plans that are specific to the patient according to exact form of cancer and stage from which the patient is suffering. Each treatment plan has evidence-based treatment combined with supportive therapy specific to the patient’s particular needs.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America believe that each case of cancer is as unique as the patient that has it. The treatment team is committed to collaboratively treating every stage of cancer with the latest available technology and innovation. This philosophy is in keeping with the centers’ motto: Care that never quits.

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A Look At Real Estate Agent, Samuel Strauch

The real estate picture of Miami Beach, a community located on Island to the east of the city of Miami continues to be positive. Construction costs are decreasing according to principal Ryan Shear of PMG. This will translate into lower costs of listings, which will help fuel sales of properties in Miami Beach. Another thing that is positive for Miami Beach real estate agents is the fact that there is strong pent up demand. Buyers are waiting for the price to drop before purchasing. With construction costs decreasing and the market now shifting to a buyer’s market instead of a sellers market, now is the time when many previous bystanders will begin purchasing property in Miami Beach and other Miami metro area locations.

Who Is Samuel Strauch?

Samuel Strauch is a real estate broker and investor. He currently serves as the principal at the real estate development firm, Metrik Capital. Mr. Strauch holds a bachelor of business administration and international business from Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. He also completed a program of study in international finance and international marketing from Erasmus University in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In addition, Samuel Strauch holds an executive education from Harvard University in the United States in real estate and capital markets.

Mr. Strauch’s first job was in the banking sector. He eventually left banking however, and joined his family’s real estate business that was based in the South Florida region. In 2002, he left his family’s real estate business and created his own real estate company called Metrik Capital. The firm acquires and sells real estates in Florida and Latin America, manages properties, develops property and engages in equity sourcing for projects. Mr. Strauch also invests in web based businesses and has a stake in a restaurant. In his free time, Samuel Strauch likes to pursue his passion of fine art and photography.


Fool Your Classmates and Time with DIY Edible School Supplies by Wengie

If you find yourself constantly hungry or bored in class, check out YouTube sensation Wengie and her latest DIY Edible School Supplies video. She provides eight different safe to eat tricks that you can make yourself to prank your friends and classmates, and add a bit of entertainment in the classroom. These will not only satisfy your stomach, but your mind as well.

Amaze your classmates by eating edible pencil shavings that you make from shaving down some brazil nuts with a knife (parental supervision recommended for younger users), and a clean sharpener. Forget about erasing your mistakes when you are trying to kill time. Eat your own gummy eraser instead made with water, milk (or condensed milk), gelatin, and colored jelly powder. Or shave down some candy mousse sticks and fit them into your clickable eraser pens to get satisfy your afternoon snack cravings. Find yourself chewing on the tip of your pencils out of complete boredom? Swap out the erasers on your wooden pencils with some rolled out gum instead to add a bit of flavor to your boring lecture.

Do you tend to doodle when your attention span is off? Create edible crayons with some gelatin, flavored colored jelly, thick straws, duct tape, a tall glass cup, a funnel, and some water. Make craft markers that are safe to drawn with and taste by swapping out cake food pens and adding them with Kool-Aid and water (using a syringe) to create edible works of art.

Feeling extra hungry? Prank your classmates by drinking your own edible glue, made with an empty washed out glue bottle, glucose (liquid sugar), and a funnel. Or snack on a totally eatable glue stick, created with a cleaned out glue stick container and stamped out Starburst candy of colors of your choosing.

Discovering Dick DeVos Philanthropic Efforts

Dick DeVos is an astute businessman, and he is based in Michigan, USA. Initially, he served as the director of a distribution company for consumer goods from 1993 to 2002. In his early years, he attended the Forest Hill School. He later joined Northwood University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He also attended the Harvard Business School and the Wharton School’s executive learning program. In his academic life, he has managed to receive various awards, which include the honorary doctorates from the Grove City College, Central Michigan University, and the Northwood University.

DeVos began his working life at Amway Corporation in 1974, and he managed to deliver in various capacities while dealing in different sections. Some of the departments he worked in included the research and development, sales, finance, and manufacturing. He got promoted to be the vice president of the company in 1984 where he was to head operations in 18 countries.

Because of his persistence, hard work, and dedication, the company experienced massive growth, which led to the opening of new markets which he details in his NY Times Bestselling Book. The global expansion made it easy for the firm to triple its sales volume in comparison to domestic sales. This was a great achievement considering it was the first time the company has experienced such an increase in sales in its operating history.

The DeVos family bought the Orlando Magic basketball association. DeVos now started performing his duties as the president of the team. He did not work with the team for long as he left to rejoin the family corporation of Amway’s. While working as the president of the business, he extended the firm’s operations to various countries covering six continents.

Dick also works as the director of the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation. The foundation is actively involved in humanitarian activities, and it has been able to donate thousands of dollars to religious, civic, artistic, educational, and economic organizations. Some of the institutions that have benefited from the foundation include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Kid’s Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, the Education Freedom Fund, Calvin College, and the Willow Creek Association among many others. DeVos is an airplane and helicopter pilot himself as you can see in the video below where he demonstrates his skills for students in downtown Grand Rapids.

Not long ago, the foundation made some donations to the Kennedy Center Performing Arts. The $1 million contributions were supposed to help the center in its development of new projects, which included the creation of a rehearsal and educational space.

Important Information About Dan Newlin That Made His Name To Hit Heads Of Many World’s Prominent Lawyers

Super Lawyer is a top rated service of exceptional law attorneys who have been in the field for more than seventy practical areas which are equivalent to 10 years of practice. A Super Lawyer must have achieved a high-degree of professionalism and peer recognition. You must have attained 40years of age. Another amazing thing about Super Lawyer is that he or she must have been be published in Super Lawyer Magazine that features selected lawyers in that particular region or state. To be named “Super Lawyer” as Dan is, you must undergo tough selection criteria that includes peer nomination and independent research. Finally you must be published in special section of leading city or state magazines across the nation.

Newlin’s craving passion being an outstanding lawyer has been in media houses with a remarkable reputation. Dan has been known for long time as a man whom the community should emulate if after success. Dan’s call as attorney started anchoring deep when he was thirteen years of age. This time, he was in New Chicago Indiana offering medical services Emergency Medical Technician. Later on, he was recruited as police officer in Indiana. Afterwards, he was promoted to the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. He was then attached to division of Patrols, Fugitive and Tourist Policing where he continued offering outstanding and exceptional legal services.

Attorney Newlin has worked in several police details starting with narcotics enforcement to car theft department that made him to be assigned to work in Detective Fugitive Division. During this time Dan Newlin received several awards by doing jobs beyond borders of his call of duty. This made him to be appreciated by the office of United States Marshall.

Being an active attorney ever, in 1997 Dan was exempted to attend school of law in Florida State College of Law. After 3 years, he graduated as a licensed lawyer to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois.

Working in detective division of Sheriffs, attorney Dan came across an incidence that could not be let-it-go. This was one of the greatest achievements that he has ever achieved. This was about a family road traffic accident that lawyers, insurance company and car owner had tossed to the hopeless side.

The car owner and insurance company had already rendered the family into a cold and hopeless grave. Nobody had apologized or raised medical bill. Attorney Newlin went ahead to help the family recover what they are entitled by executing legal measures, justice and fairness.

Currently he has a personal injury firm which he partners. He has achieved prominently in fighting for victims of accidents and injuries. He ensures that everyone has fully recovered what he or she is entitled.

Adam Sender: Generous Art Enthusiast

Alex Sender has an eye for contemporary art and has collected works by Dan Flavin, Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha, Rashid Johnson and several others. Over the past three decades, he has gathered together an eclectic collection, including Minimalism, Conceptual art and appropriation. Mr. Sender indicates that he prefers to collect works from artists that have been on the market for a couple of years, where he can view their work over time and get a feel for it and chose pieces that he has a connection to. There is no denying that he has enthusiasm and an ability to spot up and coming contemporary artists, investing in their artwork early on and adding it to his collection.

Beginning in May of 2014 and spanning a period of 18 months, he has placed 400 works from his collection to be auctioned by Sotheby’s. These are works from 139 elite contemporary artists and Sotheby’s expects the profit on the auction to be around $70 million. Mr. Sender intends to reinvest this money in more contemporary art and expand his collection.

His curator, Sarah Aibell has been working on an exhibition from the Sender collection that will be available for viewing by art enthusiasts this December, during the Art Basel Miami Beach annual art fair extravaganza. This display, entitled “Home Alone,” will be in a Miami home that is owned by Mr. Sender and is currently for sale. Her concept is to display 70 contemporary art pieces, including Richard Prince’s Spiritual America, in such a way as to appear that the art collection has literally taken over the house and the people have moved to make room for it all. The home will be open for private morning brunch and evening receptions at select times during the fair.

Mr. Sender has a deep love of art, amassing one of the largest contemporary art collections in the world, and he enjoys sharing the artwork with museums, art exhibitions and doing “pop up exhibitions”. He is generous with his collection, allowing the world to see what he has gathered. He is enthusiastic about contemporary art and cheerfully communicates his interest.