Clayton Hutson and His Desire to Start His Own Company

Clayton Hutson has started his own company has years of experience with tour production. He has taken a lot of pride in making sure that the stage is ready for the artist that is providing live entertainment. This is a big production that needs someone that is going to get up early and stay late when it comes to sound engineer. This is what clay Hutson is willing to do. He is willing to do what is necessary, but he also goes beyond the norm with his production management company.


Clayton has taken a lot of interest in building a career where people recognize his name and the type of work that he does. He is associated with quality, and this has allowed him to gain a fan base of more people that are willing to go on the road with him. It is a big deal because many artists do multiple shows and they want to book sound engineers and stage managers that they can trust. They are not going to spend a lot of time trying to work with someone that does not have a professional demeanor.


Clayton Hutson knows this because he has been in the industry for years and he has been doing this for a long time. He is an expert when it comes to sound engineering in the studio as well. This is where many of his clients know him from. He has been able to produce sound recordings inside the studio and master these recordings for many of his clients. He also does work for these clients on the road. This has given many superstars the confidence to utilize him because he has a resume that shows experience with lighting, CAD design, set design and sound.



What Clayton Hutson has continued to reveal for more people that want to get into the area of sound engineering is that it is all about quality and being prepared. It is not just about the final act on the stage. It is about the prep work that goes into getting people acquainted with your name. It is about the time that is spent with knowing the logistics of the building. It is about so many things that are part of your final production that you have to check beforehand. This is the best way to make sure that you are giving your client the best possible setup. Learn more:


TMS Health Solutions-Winning the Fight Against Depression

Many people suffer from what is known as “clinical” depression. This type of depression is very hard to beat but not impossible with the right kind of technique. TMS Health Solutions is dedicated to helping those suffering from clinical depression. They offer psychiatry services, and they specialize in the treatment of the 40 percent of patients that are unresponsive to the usual techniques and medications commonly used to treat those with depression. These patients are known to have “Treatment-Resistant Depression.”

Clinical depression is a serious disorder that greatly affects the mood of the person who has it. Symptoms are quite severe, cause feelings of worthlessness and are quite debilitating. At least 6.7 percent of the population will experience an episode of this type of depression at least once this year alone, according to the CDC. Another 14 percent will have an episode in their lifetime and over 49 percent of these people have a resistance to any treatments for clinical depression. Clinical depression will not resolve itself, but rather it requires medication or some other form of treatment or a combination of both. Every person is different and will react differently to medications or treatments.

When medications do not work, there is still hope to get a normal life back. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has proven to be very helpful when medications have proved to be ineffective.

TMS therapy Parnassus utilizes magnetic stimulation in order to treat patients who are resistant to alternative treatments. TMS Health Solutions not only provides psychiatric treatment but they also monitor their patients once they are receiving treatment. Patients will sometimes respond well to a combination of medication and TMS therapy San Francisco.

TMS Health Solutions gets how difficult it can be to live with clinical depression, and that is why they are devoted to finding a cure. Their experienced team of practitioners are understanding and thoroughly committed to each and every one of their patients. With their help, their patients have been able to become productive again and to get back to their lives. It is all about the balance and perfect combination of therapy, medication, and treatments.

TMS Health Solutions has adopted the butterfly as its logo because the butterfly symbolizes a transformation just as their patients go through changes. The butterfly logo represents the hopes that TMS Health Solutions has for its patients and symbolizes a brand new chapter in their lives.

TMS Health Solutions- Your Answer to Comprehensive Care

TMS Health Solutions was first launched in 2007 under the name Mindful Health Solutions and evolved into TMS Health Solutions to reflect the kind of therapy it provides to patients today. Mental health conditions and clinical depression are treatable conditions, and the clinicians and staff at TMS health solutions have dedicated their time, energy, and passion to the research, and continuing education to treating those with mental health conditions. TMS Health Solutions offers comprehensive psychiatry services which include medication management for those afflicted with clinical depression and various mental health conditions. But TMS goes above and beyond by reaching out to the 40% of the population who do not respond to medication and other innovative therapies; otherwise known as patients with Treatment- Resistant Depression.

TMS Health Solutions is the proud leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a highly effective, FDA approved and non-invasive therapy option for patients that have not responded to antidepressants and other conventional treatments. TMS Health Solutions strives to free their patients from the burdens of clinical depression and other illnesses with compassion. By offering services including psychotherapy, medication, and TMS, clinicians can effectively eradicate the inferior quality of life often experienced by those afflicted with various mental health disorders.

Seeking help for clinical depression and other disorders can be a difficult decision for many. Being able to build solid and trustworthy relationships between practitioners and clients as well as with family members is key to constructing a solid foundation to ongoing care. Once the proper diagnosis is made, practitioners can help patients make informed decisions and care plans that will eliminate clinical depression or other disorders in a timely fashion. The clinicians at TMS Health Solutions have a collaborative working structure that includes continuous education, flexible scheduling, and a reduced demand on administrative flexibility. This kind of environment allows them to provide patients with the kind of individualized care and most up to date treatment options available.

TMS Health Solutions accepts most Insurance carriers including United Healthcare, Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Optum, and many more. You may check out their website to access all the major carriers at Here you will find many useful articles on mental health resources, featured press releases about things such as depression screening days, and various other articles and blogs. They are located in Sacramento, California and have opened up new locations as well. You may call for an initial appointment at 1-(844)-867-8444.

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How TMS Health Solutions Helps People with Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder is something that almost 7% of people in America will experience in a given year. Around 14% of all people will experience this serious mood disorder at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there is help out there for people with this mental illness that can help them return to their normal lives.


TMS Health Solutions is a healthcare company headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their specialty is helping those who have mental health conditions that have failed to respond to other treatments. The team at this company does so by performing both research on the subject and educating others on their progress. They also provide transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for those patients who don’t respond to talk therapy or medication and are experiencing major depressive disorder. This type of therapy has been shown to be both safe and effective for their patients.


TMS therapy works by stimulating the brain using electromagnetic energy. TMS targets the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for the control of our moods. TMS has been approved by the FDA and is a non-invasive, outpatient procedure.


TMS Health Solutions has a number of locations that they operate in northern California. This includes Sacramento, Oakland, El Dorado Hills, Burlingame, Roseville, and two locations in San Francisco. There are plans in place to expand to a total of 25 locations in the coming years. Check out TMS Therapy Sacramento for more information.


The team at TMS Health Solutions knows that many people have a hard time asking for help when facing a mental health condition. All of the team members at their locations have been specially trained to deal with sensitive needs of their patients.


Since TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007 they have helped thousands of patients. They have experience with people experiencing a recent tragedy as well as those who have been suffering in silence for years. Many of their patients have found little success using multiple other therapies but are finding lasting help through TMS.


There are many experts working at TMS Health Solutions. The company is headed by Psychiatrist Richard Bermudes, MD, who is the CMO. Other top leaders include two other psychiatrists, Oana Galick, MD, and Kevin Rosi, MD, who act as regional medical directors. In addition to many other psychiatrists on their team, there is also a doctor at their San Francisco and Oakland locations, Joshua Kuluva, MD, who is a neurologist as well.

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From Automobiles to Airplanes: FAA Civilian Board Dick Devos Journey

Transportation technology can revolutionize the way that individuals and businesses move around the world. The State of Michigan has been a key cog in many American transportation developments. Now, Philanthropist Dick Devos is figuring out how to continue to have America lead in transportation industry developments.


Detroit Michigan Automobiles


The development of the gas combustion engine probably took place in Germany and America at about the same time. The advantages of America included a more developed capital system, which could assist with the growth of global automobile manufacturing plants in Detroit, Michigan. Henry Ford expanded the American lead in transportation by making automobiles more affordable.


Previously, there had been many automobile manufacturers who were willing to handcraft a car for their wealthy clientele. When Henry Ford perfected the assembly line, he dramatically lowered the cost of the automobile. Now, every man could afford this transportation wunderkind.


German cars were still reserved primarily for the wealthy. The Volkswagen model was intended more for the masses, but when it arrived on American shores, it was mostly a niche purchase by the young. The VW Slug Bug was cute.


Grand Rapids Michigan Airplanes


While Philanthropist Dick Devos might have grown up after they heyday of the automobile industry in Michigan, he did not fail to dream. He wanted the next generation to be able to soar into the sky. Therefore, the transportation focus of Dick Devos was on airplanes. Learn more:


He and his wife helped establish the West Michigan Aviation Academy out of the Grand Rapids, Michigan Gerald Ford International Airport. Notice how the Michigan airport is named after one of the descendants of Ford? American transportation developments seem to form foundations for one another.


Now, Pilot Dick Devos is training the next generation of aviators. Perhaps, one of them will take the transportation technology to the next dimension. Some of the transportation technology seems to be stuck. Maybe, Dick Devos can provide the ideas that can get America back in the driver’s seat.


American Transportation Industry


Now, Dick Devos has graciously accepted a new challenge. He has been appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration Civilian Board. Here, he can rub elbows with the brightest minds to find a way for America to continue to innovate with new modes of transportation technology.


From Henry Ford to Gerald Ford, the developments of greatnames in American transportation are built upon one another. Who knows, maybe Dick Devos’s name will be added to that special transportation Hall of Fame. Wait and see.

American Institute of Architects Advocates for Better Work Force Through Aggressive Leadership

     The American Institute of Architects, also known as AIA, is an organization that upholds the integrity of professionalism in the industry of architecture. AIA has its head quarter in Washington D.C and through its affiliated offices; it offers various programs on education, community redevelopment, public outreach and government policy. AIA is also prominent for working with other members of design, in addition to architecture to help in coordinating the building industry.

Background data

AIA was formed in New York. With the aid of 13 professional architects who held a meeting to discuss the agenda, a proposal was instigated to promote the scientific in addition to the practical improvement of architects. Until now, the organization has been operating through the directive of these founders. To the management of the institution, one of the most defining factors of operation is linked to elevating the profession. AIA prides itself on offering multiple programs for scholars. Before AIA was established, it was easy for any commoner to claim belonging to the great discipline of architecture. After the establishment, however, it became obvious for learned architectural students to easily identify with their profession.


With over 80,000 members who hold architectural licenses, AIA is associated with unmatched professionals who harbor great experiences. These professionals adhere to the standard ethics of operations and professional conduct. They are trained on the importance of great service delivery to clients. Additionally, these professionals are inclined towards ensuring that colleagues and the public service enjoy the dedication of their ability to offer high-level standards of services.

The leadership of AIA

Presently, AIA is headed by the experienced Robert Ivy, an architect by profession. Ivy has been a significant role model and lead executive for this organization. His services to AIA are imperative as he upholds the values and ethics of great professionalism in architecture. Robbery Ivy serves as the chief executive officer. It is therefore, upon him to exude confidence in handling various projects. Be it commercial and urban development, or just residential projects, Ivy has always handled his team and clients with utmost sensitivity and respect. He believes in the power of design as well. Perhaps it is through his progressive embrace of transformations that architecture can subject the world to, that his leadership at AIA has thrived. As the lead executive, Ivy ensures that the government implements viable policies for the growth of this profession. He is always in talks with policy –makers, to ensure that the award-winning institution thrives in excellence.

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Matt Badiali, a Geological Guru Determined to Utilize his Expertise to Succeed in the Financial Domain

     Matt Badiali is a practicing geologist currently working at the University of North Carolina and Banyan Hill Publishing. He explains his involvement with a project linked with the financial path. Matt was approached by a prominent financial expert asking him to join his venture as an associate. This individual had a record of making a fortune by trading research to leading investors. Badiali received this awakening call to take part in the initiative which required a qualified geologist for its success. The venture majorly dealt with mining, energy and the natural resource sector at large. The financial expert was positive that with Matt on the team, there was an assurance of exceptional results.

Matt Badiali had the task of ensuring that all the companies involved had equivalent resources to what was documented on paper. This meant that he had to travel around the globe locating the companies and verifying their details. Some of the tasks he performed included the examination of oil wells, assessing core samples in gold mines and analyzing of on-site field maps. Matt’s associate, the financial expert, offered him a paycheck 5 times more and was willing to walk him through all the necessary tips for successful investing. This was a deal too good to turn his back on. Eventually, Matt wholeheartedly delved into the venture.

During these operations, Badiali visited several countries some of them being Iraq, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and Vancouver among other places. He is contented with the fact that he gets the opportunity of meeting prominent resource investors, oil company CEOs, and precious metals experts. Matt is happy with the significant progress he has made over the past decade in investment and is still positive that better opportunities still lie ahead. His research bore fruits and in one instance he was able to make 167% on the Northern Dynasty and 161% on Parker Drilling.

Matt Badiali is a distinguished alumnus of the Penn State University where he earned a B.S. in Earth sciences. He furthered his postgraduate studies in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt’s profession as a geologist has come in handy several times when it comes to identifying risky occurrences of the earth. He takes part in checking whether it is safe to drill a hole and how long such a process would take. Badiali is one successful geologist who merged his area of specialization with his acquired investment training to reach greater heights. Prior to his service at Banyan, Matt served an environmental company as a consultant.

Bruno Fagali: The state of law in Brazil

     Brazil is one of the largest economies on the globe and continues to be a fertile ground for business investments. Big multinationals and banks have opened offices in Brazilian cities and still more and more still continue to be setup up even by the locals. With business, investments come serious issues of setting up the business running. The issues involved are numerous, right from documentation to making sure the business is in line with the law of the land. In the modern world of business transactions, it is common for business organizations especially large corporate organization to seek the services of business law or corporate lawyers. In Brazilian judicial system is headed by a judge who also leads in the litigation. The judge is the one who presides over litigation, investigate facts as well as interrogating the witnesses. Also important to note is that lawyers in Brazil are allowed to represent clients even in disciplines that they did pursue in their law education.

Bruno Fagali

Bruno is a lawyer and a corporate Integrity Manager in Brazil. He is a holder of a law degree in Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali is an ardent law reader and has been to various institutions to pursue further knowledge on law. This has seen him obtain a masters in law from the law faculty of USP. Bruno Fagali litigates on matters of anti-corruption law. Under the anti-corruption law there are 3 divisions, administrative contracts, federal civil actions and the regulatory law.

Bruno runs an office in Sao Paulo as corporate integrity manager. Bruno success is attributed to his passion for law. This has seen his career shine and gain a lot clients in the populous country of Brazil. Bruno Fagali is also known to possess great oratory skills that see him present his cases in fluent and understandable manner. Bruno Fagali has also been able to make it to the list of members of Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

In his early stages of litigation, Bruno Fagali used to handle three disciplines; consumer law, family law and violence law. He later dropped some and concentrated only in advisory public law. Bruno has a good understanding of four languages English Spanish, French and Portuguese.


Alexandre Gama, Publicist in Brazil

Alexandre Gama Provides Excellent Marketing And Advertising Service

     Are you an entrepreneur or organization manager in Brazil? Need someone who has the expertise and resources to help you with your advertising project?

Alexandre Gama has an established history of rendering superior advertising solutions to various enterprises in Brazil. He can help grow your business by getting your products in front of the right audience.

Advertising is a crucial aspect of attaining success in any endeavor. If you want to reach your business goals, it’s imperative to use the right resources in your promotions, marketing and advertising.

Alexandre Gama and his team of professionals are always ready to help ambitious entrepreneurs and organizations gain massive exposure and boost sales and revenue. He is a well respected entrepreneur and advertising consultant and he has what it takes to cater to your business needs.

As a reputable and reliable professional in advertising and marketing promotions, Alexandre Gama has advised and guided countless clients to success. His top notch resources and industry connections help to take his clients’ business to the next level.

If you truly want a highly recommended team on your side, then contact Alexandre Gama. Alexandre Gama will evaluate your business processes and discuss your needs with you.

Eva Moskowitz: An Eye for Education Reform

Eva Moskowitz then moved on to Columbia University, New York in 1996 and was in charge of American Studies for three years. She previously served on the city council of New York. She headed the education committee until 2005. She rallied support to reform under-performing public schools in the city. She is also associated with Prep for Prep, a New York-based non-profit with a focus on leadership development.


Success Academy


Success Academy has only been existence in America for about a decade. However, in the short time of its existence, Success has had a significant impact on families in New York City. The academy’s new approach of ensuring that the kids are surrounded by people who have expectations on them has facilitated the academic success of these students.


The schools are also very responsive to parents. The teachers at the school always make sure that they have responded to all parents phone calls in a day. This has enhanced the increased popularity of the academy among parents in New York City.



The first school was in Harlem. Eva Moskowitz decided to focus on education that met international standards. Through her schools, the children who could not afford private school would get quality education. At Success Academies, students also learn other skills. Eva believes that chess and debate are helpful in sharpening the children’s skills. They also participate in various sports.


Eva Moskowitz has offered an opportunity that not many people had a couple of decades ago. She has set the benchmark for other educators who will come after her. Under her leadership, Success Academy has received several awards, including the 2017 Public Charter School’s Broad Prize. This award came with a cash prize of $250,000. Eva Moskowitz intends to continue offering outstanding academic results through her network of charter schools.