Netpicks: How to Profit from Choppy Summer Trading

For the most part, Wall Street investors are arrogant and overconfident on how unstoppable the market is. This attitude changed after the technology-sector sell-off that took place at the beginning of this month. For the first time, investors were nervous; uncertain about the future.

This new development will most probably result in a choppy trading market in the summer. What the investors need more than ever is a smart strategy; a strategy that will earn them profits during the summer. The “Lock and Walk” strategy has always worked in past though it’s not a guarantee that it will always for future market situations.

How does it Work?

The idea is to watch the variations with regards to support and resistance; buy near support, sell near resistance and stop out when the support ends.

The truth is, these rules are not new to people in technical analysis; However, there is an additional rule to the Lock and Walk Strategy. The rule stipulates a shutdown in operations until the next trading session after 67 points gain.


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