Two Beautiful Lake Tahoe California Ski Resorts



Squaw Valley is one of the best ski resorts located in Northern California, in Lake Tahoe. This beautiful ski resort offers relaxing opportunities for couples, friends, family members, as well as for the ski enthusiasts. With over 6,000 acres of beautiful land and ski slopes, both the ski enthusiasts and the explorers are welcomed to visit on a year round basis. This resort is not only the best resort to reside in for a relaxing winter vacation, but is also a resort to come to for a fun-filled summer vacation that is filled with adventure and festivities fall all visitors.

At the helm of the success of this 75 year old ski resort is Andy Wirth, a businessman, philanthropist, as well as a lover of nature. Even as a young man, Mr. Wirth has a dream of combining both business as well as nature together. As a result, Mr. Wirth found his calling over 25 years ago to become involved in the mountain resort industry. While working his way up the ladder, Mr. Wirth showed his talent as a businessman and eventually earned the position of CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Within only six years of holding this position, Mr. Wirth has invested over $70 million in overall renovations for both the resort itself as well as for the ski slope design. This investment has not only modernized the resort, but has also attracted more and more visitors.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located in the beautiful and pristine Tahoe region, home of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is most noted for being one of the clearest lakes in the world. With crystal blue waters, this lake is great to not only swim in, but to also explore the 72 mile long shoreline. Andy Wirth has created so many fun activities that are centered around the lake that makes this trip to the resort worthwhile.

Imagine waking up in the morning facing the Sierra Nevada. At high elevation, visitors of this resort can feel the warm sun on their skin that is combined with the cool breeze of the high elevation. With delicious dining options, luxurious shopping, as well as a breath-taking pool, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is gaining an excellent reputation. Visitors from around the world have come to this ski resort to see what true beautiful views of the mountains look like.