Brad Reifler Offers 5 Tips for Investing

Imagine that you’re flying to New York City to visit relatives who live upstate and will meet you at the airport. You’ve been bumped up to first class and sit next to a gray-haired gentleman in a good looking suit. You think for a minute and then introduce yourself.

In a recent article published by Reuters, Brad Reifler gave five tips for investing. What Reifler said were basic rules for investing. They included the analysis of your investing goals and an honest representation of how much money you can invest continually over the proposed period. He said to find and get to know a broker who thinks like you, if you are risk averse don’t go with a broker who works for a firm dealing with low valued investments which can grow but can also crash. Your personal assessment should include knowing the risks involved in investing. Reifler endorses on social media, the idea of spreading out your investments among several markets. Do not be dependent on one but have a hedge in place in case something goes against you.

Reifler went on to say how investing in America is aimed at the 1 percent who can invest large amounts of money and move the market. The best of all advice from Reifler is to be cautious, something he’s applied in his career.  If Wikipedia can be any judge, Brad Reifler has been very successful, so when he writes a Reuters article it’s worth reading. .