Avi Weisfogel Finds Solutions To Deter Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the current executive of Dental Sleep Masters and the former lead dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care. Dental Sleep Masters does in-depth studies of sleep and finds ways that dentists and primary care physicians can administer treatments to patients suffering from lack of sleep. Weisfogel has specifically looked into oral appliances that can provide comfort without becoming too overbearing. Weisfogel also spoke with Ideamensch about ideas he thinks are important for DSM.

Weisfogel told Ideamensch that he had gotten the idea for DSM by having a personal interest in sleep science and figuring out how he could use his marketing knowledge to turn it into something important. Weisfogel is also conscious about taking notes and using them to jot down things that might generate ideas later. His day is very organized from start to finish beginning with time spent in prayer in the morning, meeting with a life coach and then starting a day filled with phone calls, conferences and scheduling events. Weisfogel says a book that guides his work throughout the day is Eckhart Tolle’s bestseller “The Power Of Now.”

For Avi Weisfogel, he’s always been interested in the mysterious in addition to things on the surface. He got his bachelor’s in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and decided his interests could best be put to work in dentistry, so he went to the prestigious College of Dentistry at NYU. Not long after getting his DDS, Weisfogel became licensed to practice in New Jersey and opened up a clinic known as Old Bridge Dental Care. For about 15 years Weisfogel helped bring smiles to patients of all ages, and the professional manner in which he ran his office earned him the title of Best Dentist twice.

He entered sleep medicine around 2005 as a side interest but then started going into it fulltime by 2010 when he opened Healthy Heart Sleep. By 2014 he had exited his regular dentistry practice and opened Dental Sleep Masters. Weisfogel has connected with many doctors around the world and has even got involved with medical non-profits including Operation Smile who he started a GoFundMe page for not long ago.