George Soros Returns To Political Life In 2016

The political right would like the world to believe the liberal billionaire philanthropist George Soros is a one man political machine who has been leading the direction of left wing groups for years. However, Politico reports George Soros has not been politically engaged in direct action for a number of years, but has recently returned to political action in 2015 and 2016 as he became concerned about the direction being taken by right wing groups who were rising to power across the U.S. and parts of Europe; Soros did make his name in the U.S. as a political donor with a dedicated push to elect Democrat John Kerry as the President of the U.S. in the face of the possibility of a second term for President George W. Bush. Soros had described Bush as being a danger to the security of the world and held similar views on the work of President Donald J. Trump during his election campaign and first few months in office in 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, George Soros began developing his political ambitions once again for the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Soros was described by his advisors as rarely being as politically motivated as he has been in 2016. Soros did not quite match the political giving levels he reached in 2004 for John Kerry’s campaign that reached more than $27 million, Clinton’s campaign and supporting groups benefited from around $25 million in support that was used in her bid for The White House. After the election of Donald Trump, the Holocaust survivor has remained an active member of the Democratic Party for whom he plays a key role in the development of policy and financial donations that are designed to drive the Democrat’s back to power in the next round of elections in 2018. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

The work of George Soros as a philanthropist and political activist has often seen him play a key role in the development of groups that have played a major role in important events. One area The Washington Times has reported on is the development of links between George Soros and groups that played an integral part in the Ferguson protests of 2014, Soros has backed many groups that played an important part in the protest movement that were funded through the Open Society Foundations established by the hedge fund billionaire; Soros is one of the leading donors to groups seeking social justice and criminal justice reform in the U.S. Groups such The Advancement Project have become important to the cause where they train individuals and groups in civil disobedience that was of great importance when the Ferguson protests began in earnest for many church related groups. Learn more about his profile at

Bruce Levenson Leaves Sports Ownership To Run Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson, the former NBA owner and business magnate is now focusing on a new career path at Do Good Institute. Do Good Institute is a school of philanthropy at the University of Maryland that exists for the purpose of encouraging students to use creative thinking skills to do charity work, Levenson had started Do Good Institute about 6 years ago but began to focus on it more once he had sold the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson believes philanthropy should be a big part of your business career, and Do Good Institute is all about showing how young entrepreneurs can use their skills to run a charity and help it gain support.

Bruce Levenson was a journalist at the early stages of his career doing writing for the Washington Star while he was in law school. Even though he received a J.D. at American University, Levenson never officially practiced law. He instead started Unified Communications Group (UCG), a high-tech publications company that grew out of one apartment that he and Ed Peskowitz owned, into an international service company. UCG is the company that started GasBuddy and TechTarget. In 2004 Levenson and Peskowitz purchased most of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks shares and owned the team until 2015.

Along with Do Good Institute, Levenson has started much philanthropy in the Washington D.C. area including Hoop Dreams, a youth basketball program for raising scholarship funds, and a similar effort when he chaired the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. Levenson also has a deep Jewish heritage that he is proud of and a mother-in-law who is a Holocaust survivor and Levenson made a large donation to the Holocaust Memorial Museum where he is a notable trustee. Other groups Levenson supports include SEED Foundation, Seeds of Peace and BBYO, and he’s also worked with the Anti-Defamation League on anti-bigotry events. Visit for more  information.