Two Shootings In New Brunswick

Pizza Robbery In New Brunswick


With the use of records from cell phones, a New Brunswick man has been charged for the armed robbery in November. This was the robbery of the driver of a pizza delivery vehicle. The mans name is Parysh Wood and he is 21 years of age. He was in jail for a separate armed robbery regarding a different driver of another pizza delivery vehicle.


The robbery was perpetuated on November 30th at 9:30 p.m. This occurred in Quincy Circle in South Brunswick. The victim of this crime stated he was accosted by a man demanding all of his money, as well as his pizza. The information from Wood’s cell phone is what linked him to the crime.


Chief Raymond Hayducka stated that it was four months past the crime when the case was finally solved. The police did not give up. With the digital era we are living in, cases can be solved by looking for digital footprints. Wood is still in the county jail in conjunction with several other armed robberies involving the drivers of pizza delivery vehicles. His bail is set at $100,000. Sargent Ryan believes more arrests are imminent in the investigation.


Shooting In New Brunswick


An investigation is being conducted regarding two shootings occurring over a period of three hours in New Brunswick. This happened on a Wednesday evening, and there have not been any arrests made. The police think the two shootings are connected.


According to the police, the first of the shootings happened around 8 p.m. This was close to Lee and Talmadge. One shot was placed in the abdomen of eighteen year old Brian Lambert. Although the injury did not seem to be threatening his life, he was rushed to Johnson University Hospital. There is not a suspects description yet.


The second of the two shootings happened just prior to 11 p.m. on May Street. A New Brunswick woman named Mildred Porter was shot twice. This 55 year old woman was shot in both shoulder and the mouth. She was sitting in her vehicle at the time. She was approached by a man dressed in black and wearing a white ski mask. The man fired shots. Her injuries were also not threatening her life but she was taken to Johnson University Hospital.