FreedomPop Continues to Pave the Way for New Types of Phone Use

Phone service has changed a lot in the past few decades. The same can be said of the internet as well. One of the largest changes has been the fact that they’ve essentially become intertwined with each other. A company called FreedomPop is working to make that connection even more seamless and it might well be the creation of an all new standard for the future. A recent review of the FreedomPop service points out that this is, in some ways, a return to past ideals as well.


The internet itself used to be thought of as something that should be in everyone’s hands. Right to the point where most people would happily keep their routers unlocked so that any passerby could share it. The FreedomPop review gives a good overview of those early days of a now powerful industry. Like most people the harsh realities of life distracted the author from that ideal. This is where FreedomPop enters the picture. They’re embracing that vision, and working to make it a reality.


The company is doing so by offering up a variety of services for free. Most of these services are capped, meaning that one will have to pay if they want to go over a certain per month limit. The limits are high enough that many people will never feel any real need to do so though. FreedomPop offers up a full 500mb of free 4G internet data. Along with the data plan, FreedomPop also gives 200 minutes of voice. One of the most interesting aspects of the company becomes more clear when looking at how texting is handled. Texting makes use of the data plan, which might seem like a minor diversion from the normal standards at first. FreedomPop’s use of internet services for texting showcases one of the most important things about the company.


Most phone companies have been in existence for a very long time. The vast majority of them came about long before the internet as it’s understood today would come about. In contrast, FreedomPop went public in 2011. This was long after the web and internet were common elements of daily life. The ubiquity of smartphones has allowed FreedomPop to take a much more modern view of how they work with both phones and data. If a combination of software and the internet can offer a superior service than FreedomPop can take advantage of that option. It’s also provided them with incentive to open up their service to WiFi. For an additional $5 one can tap into FreedomPop’s unique WiFi service. This allows one to connect with over 10 million WiFi points around the world. This isn’t just for browsing the web. Again, it shows how FreedomPop is working to leverage itself as a high tech option. The WiFi integration actually allows the phones to use WiFi instead of the limited hours of voice to make and receive calls.

FreedomPop Proved To Be The Best Company For Me

I was looking around for a cell phone service provider, but I kept running into one roadblock after another. I found a certain company that wanted to charge me over $100 per month for cell phone service, and they claimed that I would be getting unlimited services. I liked the idea of unlimited cell phone service, but I didn’t like the prices. I finally found a cell phone carrier that would give me unlimited service for $50 a month, and I thought I hit the jackpot when I found this company. Little did I know that FreedomPop was offering the same services I was receiving at the current company for only $19.99 per month.

I didn’t hesitate to switch over to FreedomPop, and what’s even better is the fact that I already had a phone that was compatible with FreedomPop’s service. I signed up for the unlimited cell phone service, and I’ve never had a problem with dropped calls, data connections, or sending text messages. I send and receive picture messages all day, and I’m constantly on the Internet. I can’t believe I was paying an extra $30 per month to another company for unlimited cell phone service when FreedomPop has everything I need for a lot less.

I noticed that I was using up my 1 GB of 4G LTE speed very rapidly, so I decided to pay five dollars to join the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service. I know so many FreedomPop hotspots that I can use the high-speed Wi-Fi service throughout the day without ever having to tap into my 4G LTE data on my phone. I can literally go the whole month and still keep my cell phone’s 4G LTE data until I pay for the next month’s bill, and it’s all because I have joined the Wi-Fi hotspot service from FreedomPop.

I only had to sign up for the application with FreedomPop, and I paid my monthly fee. The Wi-Fi service is so fast, and I can even stream movies on a laptop, tablet, or my phone if I want to. I love everything that FreedomPop has to offer, and if I choose to, I can purchase a hotspot from FreedomPop and even get home Internet service. I don’t know why anyone else would choose any other company other than FreedomPop, especially since FreedomPop offers so much at so little a cost.

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The Perks of Using FreedomPop

Of all the mobile carriers in the world, one of the fastest growing mobile carriers is called FreedomPop which started out as a small service provider in the city of Los Angeles. FreedomPop has gained a lot of momentum over the years for their unique business style in offering free services to customers at a low sign up fee. FreedomPop became so popular that is was even planned to be bought out by Sprint until international investors decided to build this company and this product even more on its own. This mobile carrier has been dubbed the cheapest mobile carrier that offers excellent products.

Rather than purchasing voice minutes, texts, as well as data connections, users are instead purchasing data services that run all through the Sprint data network. The free services that are offered through this mobile carrier include 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, as well as 500 MB of data. This mobile carrier was truly made for people who are on a budget and are looking for a quality mobile carrier. What makes these free services even better is the fact that they are able to roll over to the next month to then be available and be added on to each other.

What makes this plan even more unique is the fact that individuals who use this carrier do not even have to use cell towers. Instead, FreedomPop uses over 10 million wifi hot spots that are located all over the country. This purchase is great for high school students due to the fact that this mobile carrier will not grant access in the car, but instead will grant access while at home, a restaurant, or near any other wifi hot spot. This is the perfect plan for those who are living in urban locations that are constantly in touch with mobile hot spots.

FreedomPop is a quality service that uses Sprint to provide the high quality network. Before buying purchasing the mobile service, it is first recommended to find out how good the service is in the location that is being lived in. For those living in rural areas, this is not the best mobile service. For those living in a location that is connected to wifi hot spots, some of the products that are offered by this high quality service include internet, mobile data, as well as various high quality phones to choose from.

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FreedomPop Review – The Cheapest Wireless Service


FreedomPop, The Possible Expansion From MVNO To Large Commercial Partnership

FreedomPop, which was introduced to the cellular market in 2012, is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO. An MVNO is a services provider for wireless communications in which it does not own the wireless network infrastructure that the MVNO provides services for its customers. FreedomPop took advantage of Black Friday opportunities to give potential new customers great deals on discounted mobile devices and free cell phone service. FreedomPop decided to act on the opportunity early and they offered deals to customers who were signing up for service through November 27, where they were able to buy a Motorola E smartphone for $40, when the original price was $230. They were also able to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for $100, when the original price was $450. The devices offered are refurbished models, not the latest models, but buying these models would include support for LTE services, from Sprint’s domestic network, the infrastructure that FreedomPop represented.

The deals offered with these devices also included connection for a month of free unlimited voice calling, text messaging and one gigabyte of data. After the first free month of cell phone service and one gigabyte of data, customers would convert to FreedomPop’s standard free service of 500 megabytes of data, 500 text messages and 500 voice calling minutes. FreedomPop projected that it would gain one million new customers before the end of 2015.

FreedomPop is striving to expand its smartphone portfolio utilizing the significant amount of funding it received from Intel Capital earlier in November. They also plan to introduce the first Wi-Fi model cell phone using Intel’s Sofia platform in 2016. The Intel funding came shortly after the $10 million investment that they received during this last summer from telecom operator Axiata Group, which is accredited for serving 230 million customers from Asian countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. FreedomPop plans on using the technology, business model and recent funding in conjunction with Axiata’s network, knowledge and operational capabilities to have the opportunity to offer to millions of mobile customers, free service and simple cell plans.

FreedomPop states that the move changes its operational model from a simple wholesale relationship with Sprint in the US, to becoming a larger commercial partnership. The company is in negotiations with multiple major global carriers for commercial partnerships in other markets. In June, FreedomPop received $30 million of funding from Partech Ventures, a new investor, and previous investors DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said that instead of a possible sale, which was considered previously, the decision was made to move forward with the newly obtained investment funding because of possible growth opportunities that it provided. But FreedomPop has not ruled out a potential sale in the future. He said that the company had received several mergers and acquisition offers but decided not to accept them because the decision to sell was too premature considering the funding that had recently come to the company and the possibility of larger expansion that could take place. They will look at the company’s direction again in 12 to 24 months, and make a decision about their selling options.