Neurocore is improving the way the brain commands the body

Since 2004 Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has been improving brain performance in children and adults. In Michigan and Florida there are nine locations that each provide brain based assessments and training programs that enhance concentration, sleep and stress management. Founder Tim Royer feels the most important thing that most people do not realize is how essential sleep is. Royer has created Neurocore with the idea to invade the inside of the brain and has discovered that most physical, mental and even emotional health issues are due to lack of sleep. Neurocore recognizes that sleep deprived individuals do not perform at their highest level. They have spent their years if focusing on brain function and knowing that everyone has a need for improvement no matter how stable they appear. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore has now incorporated brain training that will dominate in sports. Tim Royer who is also a neuropsychologist feels that after athletes workout or play in a game, their recovery period which is good for their bodies does not include sleep. No matter how relaxed an athlete may feel after games recovery for the brain truly happens in sleep. Read more about Neurocore at

The training Neurocore has started is called “the next level in sports”. Its helps athletes enter their zone and operate using the brain’s sweet spot. Using a thirty minute timeframe, over 2000 reinforcements are completed so the body and brain can recover higher than ever. Athletes will sit comfortably, wearing headphones watching a film of plays. Their brain waves are monitored using electrodes which control the playback. Their only requirement is to pay attention and relax. In the event that the athlete loses focus, the film will stop. When attention is returned it will restart and that helps in optimizing the brain. The brain is in control of the body so taking care of the brain helps carry out physical activities with ease and Neurocare has found a way to make that easier. Neurocare also provides little remedies and techniques on their Twitter page which makes them worth following.