David McDonald’s Initiatives and Mergers To Scale Up OSI Group’s Operations

The world of food production already knows that David McDonald is already one of the most energetic, ennobled and admired business leaders in the world. He serves as the President as well as the CEO of OSI Group, as well as the Project Manager of the firm. He is also the Chairman of North American Meat Institute, as well as the Independent Director of the esteemed Marfrig Global Foods S.A. It’s not surprising then that the degree of David McDonald is in Animal Science.

An insightful article to know what the established OSI Group has achieved lately through David McDonald is the one from Meat Poultry. The feature in Meat Poultry is about how OSI International Foods in Australia and Turi Foods has completed a merger in its operations in Australia. The new partnership would now be called Turosi Pty Ltd.

The shared ownership is then an exemplary sample of how much David McDonald has committed for OSI Group. This merger would also bring the reputation of all the shareholders involved to a level that would generate more jobs in Australia and in other parts of the world that OSI holds operations.

OSI Group is also fortunate to have built relations with such an established brand. Turi Foods is based in Victoria, Australia, and its facilities are spread all over the state of Victoria. Its services offer solutions and supplies for supermarkets, fast-food restos, specialty retailer shops and even roast chicken stores in the country. The fact that McDonald has linked with such company means more opportunities for the employees of his company as well as of the different stores around Australia.

Being a privately owned firm, OSI International Foods maintains the most prosperous methods of doing business with all the parties involved in its operations across the Asia Pacific region. Its merger with Turi Foods would then be an added support to its efforts in scaling up its business. Turi Foods would also be a good ally in OSI International Foods’ effort to solve the pressing issues and modern demands of people with regards to protein consumption.

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David McDonald: The Man Behind OSI Group’s Success

The meat industry is a highly competitive field. There are high standards for safety, the need for globalization and demand for sustainability. However, only a handful of companies are able to meet these requirements and still remain successful. Such company is the OSI group, and the man behind the firm’s success is David McDonald.

Who is David McDonald?

Mr. David McDonald is the President and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. He initially served as a Project Manager for the company, and now he is also responsible as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald started his career as an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Food in 2008. He then moved into working for OSI Group in European and Brazilian headquarters. Mr. McDonalds also makes critical decisions for the company as a member of the board of directors. Some of his additional roles include international foods director in for OSI Group in Australia and an overseer of the North American operations. He graduated with a degree in Animal Science at the Iowa State University.

Mr. David McDonald’s Role in OSI Group’s Sustainability

Sustainability has been an important consideration in a lot of consumer’s purchases in the recent decade. This has been more prevalent in commodities such as packaging, as well as food items. People are more conscious about their food sources such as fresh produce.

Mr. McDonald is aware of this, and he is responsible for pushing OSI Group towards this direction. At present, their goal was to create sustainable practices to create beef products. In a recently held conference, OSI Group expressed their support for a Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Nicole Johnson Hoffman, the Senior Vice Present of OSI Group has proposed this set principles for beef sustainability. Mr. McDonald showed his support towards this and believes that it is a positive change for the direction of the company’s meat production processes.

Acquisition of Baho Food Group

Aside from sustainability, OSI Group also focuses on expansion. One of their recent successful ventures was their acquisition of Baho Food Group, a Dutch company that processes meat products and other food items.

Through this acquisition, OSI Group hopes to improve their quality standards, expand their market in Europe, as well as build networks in nearby counties.

Indeed Mr. David McDonald’s passion and dedication for OSI Group and the meat industry has paid off. “The success of OSI Group isn’t about me, and not entirely about the company. It’s about the consumers, and the individuals who put their trust in our products,” he mentioned.


Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries CEO

Recently, Tony and Cynthia Petrello hosted a party at their Shadyside estate to celebrate the return of Tommy Tune to his home town of Houston, Texas. Tony Petrello is a Houston oil executive serving in the position of CEO for Nabors Industries. He and his wife invited 50 friends and the Miller Outdoor Theatre Advisory Board to celebrate Tommy Tune’s return. Tune graduated from Lamar High School and his dance teacher was Patsy Swayze, Patrick Swayze’s mother and an acclaimed film choreographer and dance instructor.

Tommy Tune is well celebrated in his home town of Houston after receiving numerous Tony Awards for Broadway performances in “Grand Hotel”, “My one and Only” and “Nine”, just to name a few. He was in town to perform “Tommy Tune Tonight” at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. The well attended event attracted 5,000 excited fans.

Tony Petrello was happy to host this event as it fits right in with the goals he and his wife share. Establishing the Petrello Family Foundation in 2001, Tony and Cynthia strive to help education, the performing arts and medical resources improve and become available to those who are in need. When their daughter, Carena was born with periventricular leukomalacia, an infant disease developed as a result of poor oxygen flow to the brain, she developed cerebral palsy. Now, both parents are focused on finding a cure. To further their efforts, they established the Jan and Dan Neurological Research Institute, which focuses on helping children with neurological diseases.

Tony Petrello grew up in Newark, NJ. His family had money struggles and he was very aware of that, so he applied himself to his studies. He hoped he would one day attend a good college and improve the financial status of his family. At public school, he studied so intensely that he mastered calculus and other mathematics-based problems. Upon graduation he received a full scholarship to Yale.

At Yale, he continued to impress his teachers and even helped Serge Lang, the mathematical theorist work on number theory. He eventually graduated from Harvard Law School after switching his major from math to human sciences.

As the CEO of Nabors Industries, a leading oil and natural gas drilling company, he has topped the charts as one of the highest paid executives during his tenure. Despite the level of his earnings, he has remained humble and honest. Tony Petrello has been responsible for helping thousands of workers obtain good paying jobs at Nabors Industries and he continues to give to people through his foundations. He is one of the rare human beings, a builder, a provider and a giver.

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David McDonald is Blazing the Trail In the Food Industry

David McDonald is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and President of OSI Group, LLC. Mr. McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University earning a degree in Animal Science. OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois, but works worldwide. The company operates its entities with local management teams and tap into the local talent pool for employees. OSI has operated in China for more than 20 years and OSI sees endless growth as the economy continues to expand in that country. There are currently eight factories with two new factories on the way. In addition to expanding in China, OSI is also expanding in other parts of the world including Poland and India.

According to McDonald, offering more to client’s means developing new products so their clients can grow their business and not just production capacity. While keeping up with demand is challenging, the challenge is necessary to meet the demands of consumers. OSI works with clients to establish solutions to move them in the direction they wish to go.

David McDonald has been with OSI for more than 30 years and in that time, the company has aspired to growth. The commitment to grow and always improve its offerings has become a part of the company culture. McDonald always supports that culture and vision through his leadership and dedication to the company. McDonald also works from the entrepreneurial spirit, which is one of the founding steeping stones of OSI. Being a privately held company and not a public entity, allows OSI to be as flexible as necessary.

McDonald finds OSI customers often inspire innovation and that is what often provides the necessary challenge to search for the right solution. The process inspires the product and menu development team to try new things and improve on the offerings already provided. According to McDonald, the OSI Group is all about family. The products developed, manufactured and sold by OSI should always be good enough to serve family.

Adapting to change is the only way to ensure the continued success of OSI and provides the competitive edge over those companies that do not adapt to change. To make sure the company continues to grow, they will simply stay focused on the company vision and values. The team at OSI will always continue to improve while changing as the economy fluctuates and client’s demands change. OSI enjoys working with their clients and helping them develop solutions so their own businesses can grow.

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