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Are you a corporate executive or business owner looking for a lawyer in Brazil? Do you want to hire a competent business litigation lawyer to represent you in a complex legal matter? If you are in need of quality advice or representation, it is absolutely essential to find a good lawyer that handles the type of case you are dealing with. For business law issues, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can help you.


If you do your research, you will certainly find the right lawyer for your situation. Additionally, you might have an easier time getting a good lawyer if you have a friend, family member or associate who has actually hired a lawyer for similar case.


You should be comfortable with the business lawyer you choose. You should be comfortable not only with the lawyer’s experience and expertise, but also with your relationship with that lawyer. Your lawyer of choice should be one that will communicate with you and make sure you can understand the situation you’re involved with and what needs to be done to resolve the matter effectively. Having a great rapport with your legal representative could have an effect on your satisfaction with the progress of your case.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a litigation expert and has been practicing for more than 22 years. Ricardo Tosto specializes in business and corporate law and is highly regarded in the industry. His powerful litigation strategy has earned him a great reputation world wide and his clients have a lot of respect for him, as well. His business clients include business owners, multinational companies, organization leaders, real estate firms, entrepreneurs and other companies that are i need of quality legal advice or litigation in Brazil.


Establishing close client relationships is a very important aspect of building trust and reputation among clients. Ricardo Tosto does that by upholding his fiduciary responsibility, and by being responsive and accessible. Ricardo Tosto does everything possible to cultivate relationships with clients and makes sure they are pleased with his quality of legal service, and that they achieve a desirable result.

Labaton Sucharow Represents SEC Whistleblower

On June 9, 2016, Labaton Sucharow LLP, the country’s first law firm dedicated exclusively to representing SEC whistleblowers announced an awarded settlement of over $17 million for a client they represented for exposing a major violation of SEC rules in the financial industry. This award is the second largest award the Securities and Exchange Commission have ever granted. Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower provided the SEC with enough information to allow them to create sanctions against a big player in the financial industry. Under the guidelines of the SEC Whistleblower Program, this client chose to remain anonymous.

The SEC does not reveal the specifics of cases where a whistleblower has provided information to prevent revealing the identity of the whistleblower. Not disclosing details of a case is necessary to avoid retaliation and possible blacklisting of the whistleblower. If a whistleblower is to remain anonymous, he or she must be represented by an attorney. Under the rules, the amount received by the whistleblower is 10-30% of the sanctions collected in a successful enforcement action only if the value exceeds $1 million. After reaching this threshold, the whistleblower may also be eligible for additional awards, when there are monetary sanctions collected by other agencies or law enforcement organizations.

The SEC whistleblower program is part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act passed by Congress and signed into law in 2010. The Dodd-Frank represents the largest overhaul of the US financial system since the great depression. The Dodd-Frank guarantees anyone providing information to the SEC about possible violations of federal securities laws would have full protection from the federal government. The program is now in its 6th year and has been so successful Congress has established the Investor Protection Fund designed to guarantee there will always be enough funds to pay potential whistleblowers. The fund now has over $400 million in reserve.

Labaton Sucharow has been one of the country’s leading law firms for over fifty years, representing businesses, institutional investors, and consumers in securities litigation. It is the first law firm in the nation to be exclusively focused on protecting and advocating for whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas heads the Whistleblower Representation Practice. Mr. Thomas brings years of experience to the program, having been the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel for the SEC’s enforcement division from 2003 to 2011. During his time at the SEC, Mr. Thomas developed what is now known as the SEC Whistleblower Program.

While working at the SEC, Thomas was involved with many so-called high-profile cases, litigation against Enron, Fannie Mae, UBS, and Citigroup are a few of the well-known cases Jordan handled. The cases he was involved with have netted over $35 billion in monetary relief for harmed investors. He also was part of the SEC’s successful litigation of an employer who was retaliating against a whistleblower.

Labaton Sucharow Celebrates Amazing Success Achieved By Their Client

As an established law firm that has served for half a century, Labaton Sucharow has invested heavily in perfecting their service and ensuring clients receive high-quality services. In this pursuit the company has invited professionals from different bodies who have assisted in the development of their practice and this has seen them rank as the leading law firm in the country.

They recently got into a mood of celebrations and joy following the success their client achieved in a SEC Whistleblower case that was touching on violations in the financial services industry. The client was paid over $17 million, which is part of money that was drawn from the perpetrators of the violations as sanction.

The SEC Whistleblower Program has established a service that allows whistleblowers to receive rewards for several cases they present to the body. The facts presented are first viewed by professionals who also go to the field to confirm the truth and if a case passes and the violators are issued with sanctions, the whistleblower is paid at least 30% of the amount. This is the process that was followed in the Labaton Sucharow client’s case, who is now ranking second in the highest compensated whistleblowers by the body since it started operations in 2010.

To get the reward, the whistleblower provided high-quality information and backed the details with evidence. Labaton Sucharow was critical in the process since they helped to sieve the details to ensure the whistleblower presents a strong case that can win a huge payout.

Many people have viewed this as a unique case that highlights the things that most people would like to expose but due to fear they hold the information back. It is a show of bravery on the part of the client to present facts that affect highly regarded professionals in the financial services industry.

Overview of the SEC Whistleblower Program
Founded in 2010 through an amendment that was made to the Consumer Protection Act, the SEC Whistleblower Program is a body that has been championing the achievement of a violations-free world. The body has been working with whistleblowers from all parts of the world and one of the reasons more people have been presenting their cases is due to the protection that is provided to whistleblowers. They also ensure one cannot be intimidated or bullied by an employer when he/she exposes the wrong doings of the employer to the program.


SEC Whistleblower Reiterates the Fight Against Securities Violations

Following disparities in the Consumer Protection Act, the Congress sat in 2010 and drafted an amendment to the law. This amendment saw the birth of the SEC Whistleblower Program, which is offering more reporting capabilities and protection for whistle-blowers. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act added several rights that would among other things offer rewards to whistle-blowers for sharing vital information about companies and employers. To help implement the legislation, law firms like Labaton Sucharow joined in the race and offered to support SEC whistleblowers.

The eligibility calculator
With little exclusion, any person can report securities violations. The law surrounding the program is a bit technical and there are considerations that may make it difficult for a report to be accepted by the organization. Every whistle-blower needs to understand his/her eligibility, and that’s the reason the SEC Whistleblower program is offering the eligibility calculator to help one understand the effect of the legislation.

Extending Beyond borders to push for consumer protection
The economy is global and there is no way fraud can be confined to a specific region. Securities violations may occur anywhere on earth, so it is necessary to have laws that allow for cross-border collection of evidence, something SEC Whistleblowers has put into consideration. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act eliminated barriers that made it difficult for one to report securities violations while in a different country. Despite differences in jurisdiction, each case is handled using the same procedure once the information is handed over to SEC.

Statistical information contained in the 2012 SEC Annual Report shows that as much as 10.8 percent tips emanated from whistle-blowers situated outside the U.S. Some of the jurisdictions where this information came from include Canada, India, Australia, Italy and Netherlands. Additionally, SEC is called by various international bodies to offer advice on specific issues related to securities violations.

Rewarding insider intelligence
On 17th May, 2016, SEC announced that every whistle-blower who will share useful information that would be difficult to come across without an insider will be rewarded between $5 and $6 million. All information presented to SEC is reviewed and if it leads to the revelation of violations, then the whistle-blower responsible for unearthing the fraud will be eligible for a reward.

This amount is the third highest ever proposed in the SEC whistleblower program since 2011. This level of rewards epitomizes the strengths the SEC Whistleblower Program enjoys and how far the body is willing to go to secure consumers from rogue companies and employers.

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With Attorneys In New York You know You’re in Knowledgeable Hands

Attorneys of New York know what you need and how to make it happen, even if you’re not sure. Hiring the right lawyer is extremely important, depending on your situation. Do you need an attorney for yourself? Is this concerning your business? Is it an accident or personal injury.

Knowing what particular type of lawyer who specializes in your needs. The Employment Injury lawyer, would be able to guide you for your business. The best suggestion you can have, when searching for a lawyer, would be to get a personal recommendation. Lawyers have a large responsibility to the people they represent. Lives are changed and with the right lawyer, who knows your case, will provide the best representation possible.

Attorney Ross Abelow of New York, specializes in Family, Commercial, Matrimonial, and Litigation Law. Upon graduating from the Brooklyn College of Law and NYU, he has practiced law for twenty years. Ross Abelow had to pass character evaluations which consists of strict codes as professionalism. If a lawyer fails to follow the Rules Of Professional Conduct, they could lose their licenses. Once again, it is his best interest to act as ethically and professionally as possible.

There is a professional criteria when practicing law. They are able to communicate with their clients about the subject of interests without revealing their clients confidentiality. Ross Abelow, as well as other lawyers are set apart from other professionals like insurance agents, real estate or even bankers. Therefore, a lawyer can’t change their mind and testify against their client. Whatever you share with your lawyer, remains confidential. This is not the case in other professions.

Ross Abelow can advise you even if you need simple legal advice. Knowing your legal rights is the first step. He can suggest your next step in finding a solution, can act as your advocate when your case goes to trial. He can be either the prosecutor or the defender. Ross Abelow can tell you if he can provide the service you need upfront, and even suggest another lawyer if he can’t help you. It is in your best interest to ask for references when obtaining a lawyer. You want to know if they can do the job before it gets too far along. Trusting your lawyer will be to your own best interest.

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Brenda Wardle on the Oscar Pistorius Trial

The Oscar Pistorius trial was for the murder of Steenkamp. The South African athlete was sentenced up to five years in prison with Judge Thokozile Masipa who delivered a verdict that Pistorius was not guilty of murder but guilty of the culpable homicide of Steenkamp and reckless handling of a firearm at a restaurant. Steenkamp, a model and girlfriend to Pistorius was shot and killed by Pistorius at his Pretoria home. Pistorius agreed to have shot Steenkamp but said he had mistaken her for an intruder. Judge President Dunstan Mlambo ruled in the South African High court in Pretoria that the entire trial is broadcasted live via radio and television. On the day of the trial, a witness testified to have heard gunshots and a woman’s scream from Pistorius house. After several testimonies, the court arrived at a verdict which held that the state hadn’t proved beyond reasonable doubt that Pistorius was guilty of murder. Judge Masipa however, found Pistorius guilty of reckless handling of a firearm in another incident as well as the culpable homicide of Steenkamp which was a lesser offense and a possible alternative verdict. The Oscar Pistorius trial has been analyzed extensively by a world-renowned legal analyst Brenda Wardle.

Brenda Wardle other than being a mother of four and grandmother, she too is the Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law (Pty) Ltd. Wardle a famous legal analyst has provided legal analysis in South Africa, the United Kingdom among other countries for various high profile cases. Brenda Wardle is a qualified graduate with an intermediary degree in criminal justice administration. She also is a Bachelor of Law degree holder with twelve modules cum laude. Wardle has also completed the masters of Law degree with courses in advanced constitutional law and fundamental rights, forensic medicine to name a few.

Having published many articles for the South African Attorneys Journal as well as articles on section 100 Interventions by national departments in provinces among others, she also has been interviewed by numerous broadcasting corporations both in South Africa and abroad for the analysis of the Oscar Pistorius trial among other high profile cases. Wardle hits the nail on the head with her analysis on various cases not forgetting the Pistorius case which she extensively covered and wrote a book on giving the readers an overview of the law practice in the Republic of South Africa.

Brenda Wardle discussing the Oscar Pistorius Trial:

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Hiring A Reliable Business Litigation Lawyer

Are you in need of a business or corporate law expert? Want to choose a reputable litigation lawyer for your situation? Having a good lawyer is a great way to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. A proficient litigation lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that you are well represented.

There are several sources that can help you find a good lawyer in Brazil. One of those sources, is attorney directories. These directories have a listing or database of attorneys who are certified to practice law and you can use these sources to find the most suitable attorney for your case.

Keep in mind that these directories only provide you with a list of certified attorneys for your research, and they do not make the decision for you. It is your responsibility to do thorough research and choose the right one for your particular situation.

Also, friends, family and colleagues, can be great sources of information about lawyers. Talk to these people and you may be able to find a competent lawyer through their recommendation. But don’t just enlist the services of a lawyer simply because someone you know recommended them. As always, be sure to check out the background of any lawyer before making a decision.

When it comes to choosing a great lawyer in Brazil, consider the expert services of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a highly prominent legal practitioner in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has over 22 years of experience, litigating business and corporate law issues. He is one of the most respected lawyers in Brazil and he comes highly recommended in the legal community. His clients are always raving about the superior services he has provided to them.

Focusing on litigation, Ricardo Tosto’s prominence as a litigation lawyer grown over the years. He has substantial experience representing multinational companies, large corporations and people from all professions. Ricardo Tosto is well known for his special ability to develop winning litigation strategies. Ricardo Tosto strives to provide his clients with the best possible representation and 100 % focus on their case.