Overview of Wessex Journals

Wessex Institute of Technology is an exceptional organization offering degrees in higher learning. The institution which was established over 25 years ago by Professor Carlos Brebbia focuses on means of transferring knowledge between academicians and professionals in the industry. Wessex Institute of Technology provides a wide range of journals, volumes in hard copy format. Some of the Wessex Institute of Technology journals entail:

International Journal of Heritage Architecture

The journal addresses on the repairs and maintenance on ignored world wonders. Their core point of interest is ancient Asian structers and Native American civilization.

International Journals of Environmental Impacts

The journal addresses on management, mitigation, and international environmental recovery. The core challenge faced is on reducing water, air and soil contamination.

The international journal of transport development and integration

The journal covers on urbanization and transportation. Road transport is the chief consumer energy whose demand increases with increase in population.

International Journal of Energy Production and Management

The journal’s goal is to hunt for a sustainable source of energy. Due to increased global demand for energy, there is a need to research on effective sources of energy such as wind, solar, thermal and hydroelectric installments.