Marc Sparks Announces New Home For Timber Creek Capital L.P

On January 22, 2015, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital L.P. announced that the firm will be moving to a new location. After more than 10 years in its present office location, Timber Creek Capital L.P. will be moving to an environment that is more conducive for collaboration and startup incubation said founder and CEO Marc Sparks. Mr. Sparks is the owner of Timber Creek Capital L.P. and a highly successful serial entrepreneur in his own right. Timber Creek L.P. helps fund entrepreneurs to start profit generating companies.


Marc Sparks says that to develop a successful and profitable business one must first have a business model in place and then acquire the resources needed to build up that business using the model one has created. Timber Creek Capital L.P has three different companies in its office location. Each one can help entrepreneurs and startups build up their idea in the crucial “incubation period”. The owner of Timber Creek Capital L.P. also added that as an entrepreneur himself, he understands how important a quality, conductive and collaborative work place is to building the success of a new business. It accounts for at least a quarter of the successful outcome of a company if not more said Mark Sparks.


The Texas entrepreneur Mark Sparks also made an analogy to how important work environment really is to the successful outcome of a business and its effect on employees. He asked that would you work harder and thrive in an office that had blacked out windows and was in a sketchy neighborhood or one that was in a prime location such as Fifth Avenue in Manhattan with lots of windows and many successful people walking past the office? While he admits he has given an extreme example, Marc Sparks says that it is important to realize that where you work is just as important as how you work. If you cut corners on the location it can be just as bad as cutting corners in the business process.


Besides investing in entrepreneurs and startups through Timber Creek Capital L.P. Marc Sparks is involved in philanthropy. He supports organizations such as Habitat For Humanity that builds affordable homes for low income families and the American Can! Academy that works with at-risk youth. Mr. Sparks recently donated over a thousand laptops to the American Can! Academy. He has also been involved with The Samaritan Inn, which is a shelter for the homeless that accommodates up to 160 people each night in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Mark Sparks is also a published author. He has written the autobiographical and business book called They Can’t Eat You. It uses examples from Sparks’ own life to illustrate how tough the road to entrepreneurship can be and discusses ways to overcome obstacles.


Madison Street Capital can help to rescue your company

Owning or maintaining a business has a host of dangers and difficulties that can bring about the organization to either come up short or fail to launch. A colossal intricacy that organizations keep running into is cash. One of the main reasons that businesses meet such issues is due to a lack of money. Businesses are quick to throw in the towel because they are not aware that various services can help them in their time of need. The services offered by an investment banking service can help a company or business to keep its doors open or even expands. These firms offer a list of services that can help any business to become successful. Though there is a number of investment banking firms available, there is only one that offer superior services above the rest. One of the top tier companies that offer such services is Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street capital is able to complete many helpful tasks for your corporation including raising capital. The errand of raising capital is completed with the help assistance of debt and equity offerings. During equity offering a corporation makes the decision to sell stock. Once an equity offering has been created, your company will have the ability to make an exchange for investment capital. In addition to raising capital with the help of equity offering, Madison Street Capital also has experience with raising capital by using a debt offering. A debt offering gives Madison Street Capital the opportunity to exchange a promise to pay agreement for capital.

Madison Street Capital can help to offer a company more services than raising capital. This investment banking firm is also able to assist during a merger or acquiring another business. If a company goes into these situations blindly, money can be lost and the company can be at risk of failing. With the help of Madison Street Capital companies and corporations will be able to receive guidance through these processes so that unnecessary money and time will not be lost.

Not only can Madison Street Capital help your company to become more successful but they also are able to assist charities with the task of raising money. Recently this investment firm has contributed to the success of United Way Disaster relief efforts. United Way has continued to be focused on improving the lives of individuals and strengthen communities. These two entities connect because Madison Street Capital is an advocate for creating strong business all over nation. They understand that strong businesses can contribute to the health of the community. The stronger a business is, the stronger the surrounding community will be.

Utilizing Gold as an Investment

If you are thinking about getting some gold with the intention on putting it away, you are making a very good decision. The best way to approach thinking about gold is a solid investment that should be used as protection. Most people want to put money away in various savings accounts, as well as pay into social security, based on the fact that they know when they get into their old age that they will have funds available to them.

This is done as a form of protection, which in essence, is the same thing that a person is doing when they are buying gold.

However, it is actually safer to buy up gold, as something could happen to the social security program of the US Money Reserve, and any other place that you put your money, but no one is going to change the value of gold. It is highly unlikely that gold will ever not be of value in the World, which is why it is so safe to possess –

Gold and other precious metals are seen as a way of backing up currencies of the world, and for good reason. Gold really was the first form of currency and since that time and that’s what US Money Reserve is trying to do, it has remained the same, which makes buying gold one of the smartest things that a person can do according to CBS News.

This is not to say that you should put all of your money into gold, as it is a good idea to not put all of your eggs in one basket, especially if you are trying to drastically grow your wealth through investments. Even if you did want to spend a decent amount of your money investing in things that may be on the more risky side, if you do put a certain percentage into gold, you will be protecting at least some of your wealth.

There are various outlets where you can purchase gold, but a great place to purchase from is the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve creates all sorts of gold and silver coins, which are available for purchase online.

While you might want to consider buying up some of their coins, they also sell bars of gold, which range from single ounces, all the way up to kilo bricks of gold, which cost just over forty thousand dollars at the current moment. Putting a few of these away in a safe or a safety deposit box could back up a families wealth permanently.