Marc Sparks Announces New Home For Timber Creek Capital L.P

On January 22, 2015, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital L.P. announced that the firm will be moving to a new location. After more than 10 years in its present office location, Timber Creek Capital L.P. will be moving to an environment that is more conducive for collaboration and startup incubation said founder and CEO Marc Sparks. Mr. Sparks is the owner of Timber Creek Capital L.P. and a highly successful serial entrepreneur in his own right. Timber Creek L.P. helps fund entrepreneurs to start profit generating companies.


Marc Sparks says that to develop a successful and profitable business one must first have a business model in place and then acquire the resources needed to build up that business using the model one has created. Timber Creek Capital L.P has three different companies in its office location. Each one can help entrepreneurs and startups build up their idea in the crucial “incubation period”. The owner of Timber Creek Capital L.P. also added that as an entrepreneur himself, he understands how important a quality, conductive and collaborative work place is to building the success of a new business. It accounts for at least a quarter of the successful outcome of a company if not more said Mark Sparks.


The Texas entrepreneur Mark Sparks also made an analogy to how important work environment really is to the successful outcome of a business and its effect on employees. He asked that would you work harder and thrive in an office that had blacked out windows and was in a sketchy neighborhood or one that was in a prime location such as Fifth Avenue in Manhattan with lots of windows and many successful people walking past the office? While he admits he has given an extreme example, Marc Sparks says that it is important to realize that where you work is just as important as how you work. If you cut corners on the location it can be just as bad as cutting corners in the business process.


Besides investing in entrepreneurs and startups through Timber Creek Capital L.P. Marc Sparks is involved in philanthropy. He supports organizations such as Habitat For Humanity that builds affordable homes for low income families and the American Can! Academy that works with at-risk youth. Mr. Sparks recently donated over a thousand laptops to the American Can! Academy. He has also been involved with The Samaritan Inn, which is a shelter for the homeless that accommodates up to 160 people each night in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Mark Sparks is also a published author. He has written the autobiographical and business book called They Can’t Eat You. It uses examples from Sparks’ own life to illustrate how tough the road to entrepreneurship can be and discusses ways to overcome obstacles.


M&A Recognizes the Madison Street Capital COO through an Award.

Madison Street Capital is one of the top firms in the global investment banking sector. The company focuses on small to medium markets and works with principles of excellence, integrity, leadership and customer service. Its primary services include financial advisory to corporations, financial estimations, merger and acquisitions, and valuation for both private and public companies. Madison Street Capital’s services help its clients to prosper in the international markets. The firm takes the customer’s missions and goal as its own when carrying out different projects, which range from successful investment raises and financial consultancy to M&A transactions and reallocation ownership.

Madison Street Capital takes developing markets to be the primary factor that drives the worldwide growth of its clients. It also intends to keep focusing significant assets in the markets. The company has managed to earn its customers’ trust across the world through its untiring commitment to the unmatchable quality of professional standards. Madison Street Capital’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, and it has branches in Africa, Asia and different parts of North America. The company has served a broad variety of clients from various regions of the world and has, therefore, been able to gain ample experience. It is recognized for its significant background because of the incredible results delivered to the clients.

The Madison Street Capital’s Antony Marsala, who is the Chief Operating Officer, was recently named as the winner of the seventh M&A Advisor Annual Emerging Leader Award. The selection was made by a self-regulating group of judges, which comprises of prominent business persons, and he was preferred due to his excellent proficiency and accomplishments in the sector. Mr. Marsala expressed his gratitude and how excited he was to be acknowledged in a very competitive investment banking industry. He also was also thankful to his employer, Madison Street Capital, and other stakeholders in the industry during his appreciation speech.

The M&A Award was started in 2010 as a way of appreciating the top 40 under 40 business principals. It identifies and acknowledges the achievement of young experts in the turnabouts and financials sector, who have reached commendable heights in their careers and have notably given a hand in improving the community. Individuals who emerged as winners of the 2016 edition of the award will be part of a global network of young leaders since the program has now reached several regions in Europe. There is more information about the award of a similar article on

Antony Marshal is also a Madison Street Capital’s co-founder. He is highly experienced in the investment banking industry since he has been actively involved in the sector for over fifteen years. His primary expertise is on the buy side and sell side’s merger and acquisition consultancy and controlled financing. He holds the designation of a Certified Valuation Analyst, which is regulated by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.