IAP Reputation for Exceeding Customers’ Satisfaction in Highly Complex Missions

IAP Worldwide Services is second to none when it comes to making impossible missions possible. As a leading provider of technical services, global-scale logistics, and facilities management, IAP engages in a huge array of unexpected tasks ranging from natural disasters to overseas battlefields. Currently, the company has over 2,000 employees in more than 25 countries around the world, where they solve demanding challenges for both public and private sectors.

At a moment notice, the team will be ready to carry out complicated logistics and technical challenges mission. With an extensive experience that span over six decades, IAP Worldwide Services can comfortably plan, coordinate, implement, and manage military installations, remote research laboratories, and civilian facilities around the globe.

The company has earned a reputation not only as a market leader but also in exceeding their customer satisfaction. IAP Worldwide Services team comprises former military officers, and they have a slogan that says that the challenges that keep their clients up at night are the same ones that get them out of bed in the morning. By adopting this customers’ mission, the team channels their passion and conviction into inventing solutions that set IAP team apart.

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IAP ranks among the best employers in the world. The company takes great pride to bring knowledge, expertise, and unique skills that form a cohesive team that is far much greater. Moreover, the employees have a deep sense of camaraderie, which results in a commitment to make a difference in the world that is unmatched in the industry.

Over the years, IAP has provided a wide array of services and unique solutions to the United States government, International governments, and private organizations on payscale.com. The ability to integrate and leverage it capacities and provide safe, reliable, and innovative solutions that meet its customers’ complex challenges had distinguished the company and placed it in global maps. IAP Corporate is headquartered in Cape Canaveral. However, the company operates from more than 100 locations in 20 countries around the world. IAP also features offices in Washington, D.C, Panama City, Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

Recently, IAP acquired three more companies that include DRS Technologies, an aviation and logistic company headquartered in Oklahoma City. A&L, an aircraft logistics, mission support, and repair management services, and Tactical Communication & network solutions Business (TCNS). TCNS is based in Aberdeen Proving Ground. The company specializes in providing information technology, communication support, and engineering solutions to the United State Department of Defense and other major agencies. IAP has integrated the talents and unique capacities from acquired companies as part of its long-term service delivery strategy.

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