Andrew Rolfe Helps Ubuntu Fund To Raise Huge Resources

Rolfe serves as the chairman of Ubuntu Fund. During the recently concluded gala dinner, he treated 300 guests to tasty cuisines and music, which was performed by Xhosa choir. In attendance were two students who had benefited from the Ubuntu Fund. In addition, renowned personalities, including the CEO of the Fund, Jacob Lief, delivered inspiring speeches to the audience.

The organizers of the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala posited that they were planning to raise $972,960. They asserted that the fund would be used to enhance the entity’s school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth. In addition, the organization is planning to channel some funds to the pediatric clinic, which is part of the South-African based school campus. The management of Ubuntu Funds will seek to enroll more disadvantaged children from the local areas. The program is credited for taking good care of the underprivileged youths from when they are young until they start their careers. The organizers of the event contend that it lasted the entire night. However, they managed to raise more money than they expected.

One of the beneficiaries of the fund, Sinesipho Rabidyani, captured the hearts of all the attendees. She told the audience that as a child, she was affected by her father’s drinking behavior. Sinesipho posited that when other children were looking forward to go home after school, she dreaded it given that his father’s addiction had adverse effects on her family. To this end, she decided to pursue her studies with all the seriousness it deserved. Eventually, she benefited from Ubuntu Fund’s scholarship that came with psychosocial and mentoring support. Recently, she was accepted into law school. Moreover, she convinced her mother to consider distancing herself from their abusive patriarch.

About Andrew Rolfe

Rolfe is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School where he pursued his business economics and administration and a master’s degree. The executive is also a graduate of St. Edmund Hall in Oxford where he earned another master’s degree. Notably, Andrew Rolfe pursued his undergraduate degree at the revered University of Oxford.

As the managing director of the renowned TowerBook Capital Partners, Andrew zeroes in on hospitality, retail and food service acquisition and sources for different investment opportunities in the United States and Europe. The shrewd entrepreneur is credited for helping two brands, Pret A Manger and The Gap, to excel in the international market.