Highland Capital, the Cornerstone of Disciplined Financial Management

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital is an independently owned and operated firm specializing in investments. They have been well established and serving their clientele for over 20 years now, offering a huge variety of products to interest either institutional or retail type investors. Currently they have over 180 employees employed at any given time and are a still steadily growing company with offices outside of Dallas, Texas, located in a handful of places. This includes Singapore, New York, São Paulo, and Seoul. The diversity of their clients is wide. They help individuals and businesses with managing the details behind foundation and endowments, individuals with high net worth, institutions specializing in financial dealings, corporations, pension plans, and governments.


Highland Capital Management began to see success in its early, budding days, back as far as May of 1997. This was when the company’s founding fathers, James Dondero and Mark Okada, made the purchase of Protective Life’s PAMCO stake and, once independently registered from SEC, Ranger Asset Management, L.P. was established. A year after this establishment came into being, its name was changed from Ranger Asset Management, L.P. to Highland Capital Management, L.P. From there, the company grew to what we now know as Highland Capital today. It all started when the two founders, through Protective Life Insurance Corporation, formed a joint venture seven years before Highland Capital was to be realized, in 1990.


The company expanded on its platform of investment in the year 2000. This expansion moved beyond just working on separate accounts and CLOs and into previously unexplored territory; a focus on distressed assets through a well formulated total return strategy. Such a strategy was a bold move at the time but it proved to be a great success. Highland Capital Management went on to establish its first separate accounts for two bank loans in regards to sizable public pension plans in that very same year. Many years later, more than a decade, and Highland Capital continues to strive to be the boldest and more innovative financial management company, serving some of the highest tier clientele using some of the best practiced strategies in the business.