Getting to Know Eric Pulier

From the first glance, you can never guess that Eric Pulier is a billionaire. You can’t even tell whether Eric Pulier has accomplished a lot in his life establishing 16 companies along the way. For starters, the tech entrepreneur studied at Harvard University for his undergraduate degree. Many years after graduating, Eric Pulier has built a name for himself as a brilliant technologist, published author and as a generous philanthropist. Also, Eric Pulier has in the past been referred to as a public speaker and most importantly, he is an entrepreneur. Eric has been shaped by the education that he received as a young student. He was born and raised in New Jersey. From an early age, Eric Pulier developed some love for programming. This was back in the fourth grade. Eric Pulier has successful career as he established his first database company shortly after finishing school in the year 1984. He later sold this company.

During his time at the Harvard University, Eric Pulier used to write for the Harvard Crimson. If you look at his Harvard profile, you can still find some of his writing there. He decided to pursue dreams in Los Angeles in the year 1991. One of his earliest companies that made him the entrepreneur he is today is a company known as XPRIZE. This is a company that is focused on helping young adults and teens discover their passions. A few years later, he established another company known as Akana. Through the funds that he realized when working with this venture, he was able to acquire other companies that made him the billionaire he is.

Eric Pulier has a passion for children suffering from chronic illnesses. Through the Painted Turtle Foundation, Eric Pulier has helped many children. Other than time, he has spent some considerable part of his money on this venture. He is also involved with Starbright World that helps children with chronic illnesses. This forum helps children with special needs interact with other children with the same conditions. At the moment, he has published a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA and talks about how people can succeed in life.

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