Michael Hagele Is Both An Investor And Someone Offering Counsel

When a person is looking to get started working in the industry that is aerospace, they look for someone who they can rely on to offer them counsel and help them make their business a success. The person who would like to start up a company in the biotechnology industry knows that they cannot do that without having someone who they can look to for advice and who will help them lead their company in a legally sound way. Michael Hagele is someone who provides companies with the outside counsel that they are seeking. He is there to take on legal work for companies that are getting set up in various industries. Learn more at angel.com about Michael.

Some people are only creative when they get out of their office and have time to do something that they enjoy. There are people who can sit in front of a desk all day long and still do good work and there are others who feel the need to get outside. Michael Hagele has shared that he is as creative as he gets when he is outside on a mountain bike ride. If he stays in the office all day long, he cannot be the creative person that he wants to be or think in the way that he should. He likes to take a break each day to get away and be creative.

Michael Hagele puts the needs of those he is working for ahead of everything else and he believes that it is important for everyone to do that when they are looking to be successful in the work that they do. He believes that the needs of a customer or client should always come first for those businesses that are trying to be successful. When the needs of a customer or client are put first, success will come easily.

Social media can be helpful for a business when it is used in the right way and it is something that Michael Hagele believes in, to an extent. He feels that social media is a positive thing as long as it is used in a thoughtful way. Visit: https://ideamensch.com/michael-hagele/


OSI Groups Buys Off Baho Food

Baho Food that operates plants in Germany and Netherlands having around five subsidiaries has been bought off by the group. For almost 60 years, the firm has worked effortlessly to build its reach and fan base and it has easily had the chance to reach over 18 European countries.

The president of OSI group stated that having bought Baho means that the food company will add to the business of OSI hence increasing their presence in Europe. Furthermore, David added that the portfolio of Baho complements the group current processing strengths which will help in broadening the capabilities to serve so many clienteles.

Achievements Over the Years

Over the years, the group has won a lot of awards in different categories. In the recent past, the chairman was given recognition by India’s Vision World Academy for having a Global Visionary Award.

The awards, held in February 2016 at the Chamber of Commerce and industry, saw the group food take several Global Visionary awards in various fields. The awards were as a result of perseverance and -persistence from the company throughout the whole year.

The achievements gained were as a result of the high-profile leadership in the group starting with their founder, Mr. Lavin. The founder began the company with only a handful of employees and a small processing place and machines. However, this grew to more than 60 locations and 17 countries.

In addition, some of the work done by the group has also helped them gain a lot of experience over the years. One of them being OSI-Vista which is the company that processes food making their own custom food such as meat and vegetables.

About the Group

Currently, the group is one of the largest private food processing companies in the world. In fact, its success is attributed to the same entrepreneurial spirit that led the leader Otto to begin this company.

OSI boasts of having the best menu in the market with the various products that they offer. In addition, people who work with the group end up building a good relationship. The group offers a long year contract from packaging to manufacturing and management with several companies making it the best food production company you ought to work with.

Learn More: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Sheldon Lavin’s brilliant leadership pushes OSI Group into the international spotight

If you’ve ever wondered about the man who heads up OSI Group, the 58th largest private company in the United States that services the retail and food services industries, you’ve come to the right place. Meet Sheldon Lavin, the man behind the company that boasts $6.1 billion in revenue.

Mr. Lavin first started gaining industry knowledge in 1970 through his involvement in the financing of Otto & Sons. This endeavor ultimately led to the development of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin led the company with pride and through his hard work and dedication. This resulted in the company growing from a domestic food processing company into an international front runner in the industry. At the time of publication, the group possesses more than 60 locations in at least 60 different countries.

As Mr. Lavin has spent the majority of his life working to establish and grow the OSI Group, it is only proper that he be honored for these accomplishments. Needless to say, on February 20, 2016 Lavin received great praise for his service. In recognition of bring OSI Group to the global stage and thereby bestowing job growth throughout the world, Sheldon was presented with a Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. Upon receiving this prestigious award, Lavin was both humbled and honored. He expressed pride at his life work, as well as his continued commitment to maintaining the position of OSI group as an international force.

OSI Group company continues to expand globally, while simultaneously receiving a wide variety of sustainability and environmental awards under Lavin’s bright leadership. Lavin hopes that future generations of corporate leaders will continue to prioritize sustainability as well as responsible company growth. Despite the fact that Mr. Lavin shows no signs of slowing down, he has already started to inspire upcoming international corporate leaders to contribute to the expansion of global commerce.

Somehow, Sheldon Lavin still finds the time to help others in need. He is very involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provide housing and services to families while their child is fighting illness. He also serves as General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center and previously served as a Director of the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

Read More: www.rmhc.org/board-of-trustees

The Incredible CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin who is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group is a genuine illustration of the proverb “Rome was not built in a single day.” He has spent many years within this industry striving to shape a small business to a world class renowned company. Mr. Lavin began his career more than forty-three years ago where he started from a humble beginning concerning knowledge in food industry. Previously, he was a successful investor and an expert in the banking sector. Moreover, he owned his own financial consulting firm. As such, he was experienced in financial management issues but did not possess the expertise needed in the food processing industry.

The company which started as a small outlet named McDonald Scentric burger supplier has now grown into an international food firm under Mr. Lavin governance. The company prides itself on giving employment opportunity for more than 20, 000 employees who are employed annually. The company has been able to achieve much of its success through the business culture established by Mr. Lavin. The workforce is family oriented which ensures the longevity of employees.

OSI Group has so far managed to expand into other countries such as South Africa, India, Japan, China, Australia, and the Philippines. Such growth has added up to the presence of the Company in other regions such as Brazil and Europe. The ambitions efforts of Mr. Lavin seem to bear fruits as the company has so far grown to meet its set goals. The primary objective held by Mr. Lavin was expanding the business and ensuring its diversification. OSI Group has more than fifty-five facilities across sixteen countries globally.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Lavin gives back to the society through taking part in different charitable events. Some of the charities that he has been active in include, Jewish United Fund, Inner City Foundation of Chicago and other Jewish charities. Under his management, OSI Group has received various awards such as Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Board member of the Goodman Theatre and many more awards obtained in both business and

To know more visit @: www.bizjournals.com/chicago/potmsearch/detail/submission/6423650/Sheldon_Lavin

Adam Milstein – Israeli Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor who made his mark in the world as the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. The company’s portfolio is impressive with property holdings of worth more than $2 billion in assets the company owns and manages. Milstein is also recognized within the Jewish community as being an active and major philanthropist. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation provides mentoring for Jewish students around the world and encourages them to strengthen their connection to Israel.

The Foundation, thus far, has mentored and invested in numerous young Jewish scholars. Hundreds of students have gained valuable insights about Jewish culture along with invaluable experiences with respect to life and success. Milstein also contributes and writes for a number of influential publications.

He connects with the communities that benefit from his charitable works and giving. This sets him apart from many philanthropists who simply write checks for charitable causes. He takes the time to get involved on a personal level to offer insights, support, and encouragement for success.

Adam Milstein has also been quite active in helping develop foreign policy as it relates to Israel. He is known for standing up for the rights of oppressed people all over the world. As such, he has become a tireless advocate for promoting human rights. Milstein’s true roots are Israeli where he was born and raised. In 1978, he graduated from Technion. He came to America in 1981 and later became a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties.