John Textor: Executive Chairman at Pulse Evolution

John Textor is an executive chairman, a producer, inventor of the World Snowboarding Championship, and a president of a technology opportunities company. He graduated in 1987 from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. He came away from his education there with a Bachelor of Arts degree and studies in Economics. John Textor’s LinkedIn business page lists visual effects, animation, film, digital media, entrepreneurship, leadership, producing, sound, screenwriting, commercials, music videos, and television as some of his professional skills. Mr. Textor resides in the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

John Textor is currently an executive chairman at Pulse Evolution Corporation. The main office for Pulse Evolution is situated in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Pulse Evolution Corporation is seen as one of the best realistic digital developers, specializing in realistic digital human design. Pulse Evolution has also created holographic concerts for the deceased musicians: Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley, and they have others in development or consideration. The Michael Jackson hologram performing at 2014 Billboard Awards amassed thirty-five million YouTube views.

He’s produced a few films such as: Art Story (an animated feature film that hasn’t been released as of yet), Ender’s Game (he also served as executive producer), and a few shorts.

He also is president and found of Wyndcrest Holdings LLC which is a private technology opportunities company based in Florida. He has been president since 1997.

In the past he was CEO and chairman of Digital Domain from 2006-2012. Digital Domain is a digital visual design company that works with movies, commercials, and video games. When John Textor was at Digital Domain he worked on many films. Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End, Ender’s Game, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers Movies, Speed Racer, The Golden Compass, Jumper, and Meet the Robinsons just to name a few. When John Textor was with Digital Domain the company won a special effects Oscar for an outstandingly believable digital human design in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Another past position John Textor had was as the president of Sims Snowboards, which inspired him to go on to create the World Snowboarding Championship.