Rona Borreā€™s Success Story

Immediately after college, Rona Borre worked in the recruiting industry. She had a burning desire on learning technology as well as knowing the latest technological trends. After working for a while in the recruitment industry, Rona Borre decided to shift to companies that dealt with hiring. She was 25 years old then.

Her dedication to her career resulted to her making a good client base. Just then, the company she was working with merged with another making the company to lose its culture. Rona Borre did everything that she could to ensure that the clients she placed received their outstanding customer services. Related article on

Later, Rona Borre decided to leave. She kept on receiving calls from the people she had set to help in making the introductions. Within a short time, Rona Borre established Instant Alliance which has continued to increase revenue each year. For more of Instant Alliance, check

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Her greatest drive is her being together with her clients as she develops relationships with them. By the virtual that her company is a boutique firm, most of the ideas that are conceived end up being pursued. Rona Borre believes that failing is a pathway to learning. As an entrepreneur, she is always looking for the possible ways of improving herself and learning. She never settles for less.

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