The Influential David McDonald

OSI Group is a food processing company and discovered that it has been in existence for more than 20 years. The company has distributed food to Mr. McDonald since commencing its operations in Beijing. The company supplied chicken, pork, beef, and eggs during the Olympic Games which were held in the year 2008. The company did not receive any complaints regarding the supplies.

Starbucks is owned by McDonald receives supplies from OSI Group. The other brands the company supplies with food include Yum, Burger King, Papa Jones, Saizeriya and the Subway. David Mc Donald is the president of OSI Group of companies. He states that the company has established a global network where individuals from the organization have been positioned in their offices around the globe.

The company’s management is well positioned and it understands the local cultures and is sensitive to their tests. According to Mc Donald, the company is the largest supplier of poultry in China. The company has the population power as it grows thus it is growing tremendously which is an advantage to them.

Under Mc Donald’s stewardship, the company has established production and processing facilities in the world. The company has constructed a feeding Mill in Shandong and a food processing plant to manufacture vegetable products in India. The president insists that the company is determined to producing more to their customers through the development of products.

McDonald has embraced the partnership program to offer good services to the consumers. Companies that develop equipment have been encouraged to develop products that enhance the quality and safety of the products. The company has monitored the way agricultural products are grown and advice the farmers on the methods to employ.

McDonald has demonstrated the need to engage the consumers in the company’s plans. This is to help incorporate their views in the suggestions of the company. The president encourages consumers to engage early with the customers to get valuable products. McDonald is delighted that in that the company has been able to purchase Baho Foods.

The Baho Foods are the leading manufacturer of meat products and this will broaden OSI’s presence in the European market.The company has been able to supplement OSI products which is a great mileage.

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James Dondero is Leveraging Investment Success to Change the Lives of Local Communities in Dallas

The Family Place is a shelter that caters to victims of family violence based in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero recently announced $1 million towards the organization’s fundraising campaigns in a challenge grant. The contribution offers to match by half all funds raised as part of the capital campaign. James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management.



The firm is a fully licensed investment advisory firm established in 1993 in Dallas, Texas. Highland Dallas Foundation, a nonprofit subsidiary of Highland Capital, will disburse the donation. James Dondero noted the grant was a response to requests made by the Dallas Mayor and Police Chief asking local communities and organizations to help the shelter achieve success.



Highland Capital Management is proud to be a part of the resourceful Dallas community’s efforts to positively change the lives of the victims of family violence. The Family Place aims to establish a comprehensive counseling center for victims of domestic violence called Ann Moody Place. The proposed development included emergency bedrooms, a medical clinic, call center, counseling rooms and multi-use spaces for training purposes.



The center will also provide youth education to contain teen dating violence and bullying. The Family Place works proactively to reduce family violence by providing intervention, community education, and advocacy. James Dondero has over thirty years’ experience in equity markets. Highland Capital Management provides innovative credit services such as collateralized loan obligations and customized credit solutions for institutional investors globally.



It also offers advisory on mutual funds, private equity, and hedge funds. James Dondero is in charge of investment strategies and operational management at the group. Under his leadership, the group has won numerous awards for its innovative products and exceptional fund management efforts. James Dondero is also serving as the chairman of Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare among others. He is also associated with American Banknote, MGM Studios, and American Express.



He graduated from the University of Virginia. He is a Certified Management Accountant as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst. James Dondero is an active philanthropist and supports various organizations such as Education is Freedom, Uplift Education and Perot Museum of Natural Science among others. Click here to follow the full press release.