Highlands Capital Management, L.P. Co-Founders’ New Portfolio

James Dondero is the latest appointee in the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox school of business Executive Board. He joins an executive board that has about 100 appointed members. Most of these members are none- academics who bring valuable strategic plans for the development of the University. The members have a strong background in their areas of expertise which assists the university to focus on current business practices. Also, the board manages the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars which focuses on students’ studies and development in public policy. Moreover, the board is involved in supporting the implementation of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Mr. Dondero has joined this dedicated group to assist the Cox school to achieve its mandate in contributing to the business community in Dallas. Highlands Capital Management, L.P whose president is James Dondero, is one of the many beneficiaries of the students who graduate from this school.Highlands Capital Management, L.P. was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada as an investment adviser. Its core functions include long-only funds and separate accounts, credit strategies, distressed and special situation private equity and collateralized loan obligations. Besides it gives its clients advice on alternative investments, natural resources, and long or short term assets. Highlands Capital Management, LP has a rich base of customers comprising of governments, funds of funds, corporations, high net- worth individuals, public pension plans, endowments and other high net-worth investments organizations. With an estimated total asset of $16 billion, it boasts of pooling the largest and most experienced alternative managers globally.

Highlands’s investment has offices in various cities around the world including Sao Paolo, Seoul, and Singapore. The headquarters are in Dallas, Texas with other offices in New York City.The president and co-founder of Highlands, Mr. Dondero was born on February 2, 1970, in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Virginia University earning dual majors in accounting and finance with highest honors. Donderos’ career began in 1984 as an analyst in Morgan Guaranty training program. In 1985, he moved on to corporate bond analysis in the American Express becoming the portfolio manager. He is the chairman of several organizations and is involved in several charitable activities.

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Adam Goldenberg and His Partner Gains Success In The Fashion Industry

JustFab’s co-founder and CEO Adam Goldenberg has told Forbes during an interview that Fabletics receives fewer complaints than in the past. With the improved service, the company is planning to open 75 to 100 stores over the next three to five years. According to Goldenberg, shoppers will now be able to try the Fabletics clothing in person, and some of the lucky customers might be recruited to join the brand.

Adam Goldenberg is well-known for his entrepreneurship skills at a young age. He started his career with an advertising network of gaming sites, Gamer’s Alliance Company at the age of 15. He later sold the company and joined Intermix Media, the then parent company of Alena and Myspace. He was the youngest person holding the senior position of chief operating officer at Intermix Media. During his time at the firm, he met his long-time business partner Don Ressler. When News Corp. acquired Intermix Media, Don and Adam formed a partnership and started their new venture, Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty owns DERMSTORE on crosscut.vc, a skincare and cosmetic brand, weight-loss system SENSA, and JustFab, subscription service with monthly showrooms for fashion and design. Many employees leave tech companies to start something of their own. However, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are shining examples of how coming out early from MySpace benefited them. Recently, JustFab received a funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners when the company had over four million members of subscriptions.

When JustFab announced hitting six million subscribers in 2012, the company was offered a funding of $76 million from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and its parent Intelligent Beauty. After having two successful years, JustFab is exploring expansion and diversification of its products. On Jan 2013, the company acquired another fashion subscription service FabKids in recognition on entrepreneur.wiki that many of its clients were parents. In December 2013, JustFab added The Fab Shoes, bringing in 500,000 members from France and Spain.

The Fast growth of JustFab in just four years is an indication that things went along as Adam predicted in 2014. JustFab is present is five countries outside the United States. The value proposition for most products is held at $39.95 for handbags and shoes.

Solo Shah RecapHow Sanjay Shah Has Managed To Make Huge Profits For His Solo Capital Firm In The Business Market

One of the hardest things to make in the current business market is huge profits. In this age nearly every entrepreneur is witty, and there is a very high competition for the few profit making opportunities available in the market. But for businessman and philanthropist Sanjay Shah, this fact means nothing. He is one of the few remaining businessmen who have undoubtedly gone against the odds and are still making huge profit killings in the business market. Sanjay Shah is the founder an owner of a globally renowned investment banking and hedge fund firm, Solo Capital. He founded this successful financial services boutique in 2009 after he decides to quit the employment sector and become his own boss. Before going for this decision, he had worked for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse as an accountant for the whole of his career.

As a financial and investment boutique, Solo Capital offers a variety of services to its clients across the world. This boutique is made up of proprietary trading, investment management in the sports industry and financial advisory services. Solo Capital engages in FX, derivatives and commodities under its proprietary trading division. This firm also covers talent acquisitions and management, sports venture representation in a business meeting and asset management for sports ventures under its sports industry investment management sector. Solo Capital also offers financial, business and investment advisory to both its individual and corporate clients. Solo Capital situated its headquarters in London after it was incorporated in 2011. This firm though runs and manages its logistics from Dubai. Sanjay Shah is also based in Dubai where he lives with his family, but he is a British citizen.

Solo Capital has largely been successful in the market due to the unmatched business abilities of Sanjay Shah. This timid entrepreneur has led his firm to the top of the business and investment markets by helping it make big profits through placing bets on global economic situations. Solo Capital has made great fortunes from the bets it has placed on economic situations like the Euro woes. This firm has also made great profits from other economic situations. As a risk taker, Sanjay Shah has given his firm lots of success.

Utilizing Gold as an Investment

If you are thinking about getting some gold with the intention on putting it away, you are making a very good decision. The best way to approach thinking about gold is a solid investment that should be used as protection. Most people want to put money away in various savings accounts, as well as pay into social security, based on the fact that they know when they get into their old age that they will have funds available to them.

This is done as a form of protection, which in essence, is the same thing that a person is doing when they are buying gold.

However, it is actually safer to buy up gold, as something could happen to the social security program of the US Money Reserve, and any other place that you put your money, but no one is going to change the value of gold. It is highly unlikely that gold will ever not be of value in the World, which is why it is so safe to possess – http://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve.

Gold and other precious metals are seen as a way of backing up currencies of the world, and for good reason. Gold really was the first form of currency and since that time and that’s what US Money Reserve is trying to do, it has remained the same, which makes buying gold one of the smartest things that a person can do according to CBS News.

This is not to say that you should put all of your money into gold, as it is a good idea to not put all of your eggs in one basket, especially if you are trying to drastically grow your wealth through investments. Even if you did want to spend a decent amount of your money investing in things that may be on the more risky side, if you do put a certain percentage into gold, you will be protecting at least some of your wealth.

There are various outlets where you can purchase gold, but a great place to purchase from is the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve creates all sorts of gold and silver coins, which are available for purchase online.

While you might want to consider buying up some of their coins, they also sell bars of gold, which range from single ounces, all the way up to kilo bricks of gold, which cost just over forty thousand dollars at the current moment. Putting a few of these away in a safe or a safety deposit box could back up a families wealth permanently.

Connecting The World With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, a video communication service, brings people together, not only with the products it markets but also by the way it operates. Its success depends on communication between their expert team members and the folks all over the world who want to connect with each other in amazing and innovative ways and the ones who want to join in the promotion and sale of the products offered by Talk Fusion.

In countries all over the world, associates who independently promote the products of Talk Fusion make it possible for anyone who owns a PC, cell phone or tablet that is equipped with a camera and has access to the internet to take advantage of the video technology that they offer.

Video conferences and live meetings, custom designed video email with over 1000 templates from which to choose, video newsletters that reflect your style and video chat that makes connecting across the miles easy and fun are all products offered by Talk Fusion. The miles between people seem to disappear as they communicate with no delays or annoying interruptions and with astounding clarity.

The secret to the success of Talk Fusion can be traced to the talent and dedication of the founder and CEO, Bob Reina. He worked hard as a student at the University of South Florida and graduated first in his class at the Tampa Police Academy, while holding down at least two jobs. During his time as a police officer, Bob was presented the Award of Merit.

When Bob began working part-time in direct selling as a full-time police officer, it didn’t take long for him to decide to change careers. When he left the police department and the income that came with it, some people thought it was a reckless move. However, his hard work and determination soon brought the vision he had to reality. These days, Bob Reina continues to spend his time and energy bringing the people of the world together with the technology of Talk Fusion. He also is an advocate for helpless animals, supporting non-profit organizations that offer services to help them.

Coriant Completes Field Test and Demostration

Coriant Effectively Field Tested and Demonstrated the Elastic Optical Network

The field testing and demonstration of the Elastic Optical Network was successfully completed in the month of March 2016. Coriant developed the Cloud Wave Optics to power the 400 G 64QAM and 128QAM. The tests resulted with maximum speed, efficiency, and capacity in optical transmission. Results were achieved using flex-rated component technologies and live links of a service provider in Europe. The test was conducted on March 22nd and the demonstration was exhibited during the same week.


Module structures were used with the transmission of multiple 200G channels and 610km distance to demonstrate bandwidth variable capabilities and marginal performance. The 400G channels were tested over an 80km in distance, which resulted in high performance and reliable transmission distance. When the 400G 64QAM and 128QAM was powered by Cloud Wave Optic, the system demonstrated quick transmission. The Cloud Wave solution conglomerates an engine processing signal, photonics optimized integration, and networks with embedded software. Participants of the field trial were Idealist and Celtic Plus Saser.


Coriant is the developer of network product solutions installed to SDN enabled IP/MPLS to enhanced optimization and service presentation. Six months ago, Coriant welcomed Shaygan Kheradpir to the team of executive as the CEO. Before accepting the leadership role, he was chief executive officer of Juniper Networks and Operating Partner of Marlin Equity Partner. While a partner at Marlin, Kheradpir implemented strategies for investments into telecom and technology industries. Shaygan Kheradpir served on various boards, including the U.S. National Institute of Standard & Technology and Cornell University Engineering Council. He is presently serving on the Board of Coriant as Chairman, which was finalized near the end of September 2015.


Kheradpir is involved in the company’s endeavors to grow networking solutions that expands to global markets. He entered Coriant with patents for telecom, payment and media technologies. Coriant has been in business for almost three years and successfully built a remarkable clientele in parts of Asia, North America, and Germany. It is one of the fastest growing startup network companies over the world.


Coriant global executive teams are satisfied with the field tests and demonstrations of the Elastic Optical Network. All test results achieved rapid transmission speed, performance, capabilities, and distance range. Cloud Wave Optics was exhibited at the 2016 OFC in March, along with other platforms, including Grove G-3. Coriant is a certified provider and carrier of mTera and transport packets.

Qnet Empowers Women To Be Their Own Boss

Many women would like to enjoy better work-life balance, make extra money while raising their families. A number of women are interested in starting their own business, manage their time and work whenever they want. One of the quickest and low risk opportunities offered to women is to become small business owners within the direct marketing industry.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Qnet continues to help young women entrepreneurs enrich their families, contribute in their communities, and achieve their own dreams.

It all started with a dream. #QNET #SuccessTips

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As reputable direct selling company based in Asia, QNET has always been a supporter of women’s rights and of gender equality. According to top US agency, USAID, it is very important to keep developing women leaders in our society. For societies to thrive, education, healthcare, and technology must be provided to women and girls. They must have control of markets, lands and resources. USAID is also of the opinion that women and girls must have equal opportunities and equal rights as breadwinners, leaders and peace-builders.

QNET empowers women and ladies by encouraging and inviting them to join the Qnet opportunity, as direct sellers, increasing their income while having the freedom to be their own boss. The flexibility of being an independent representative offers several benefits although one must be ambitious to achieve and surpass one’s goals.

Qnet has been a leader in the direct selling industry for many years. Direct selling is a proven business model that has been in existence for many decades. This business model has created fortunes for many companies and business people, including men and women. 

QNET offers a fabulous selection of products for women in beauty, health and wellness, that include Physio Radiance range, Couleurs make-up, and the luxury Swiss-made watches for ladies.

Many people across the world are always raving about the high income they are able to earn as independent sales representatives of Qnet. After going through the top quality training provided by Qnet, these people are able to promote products to end users and make a great income while filling a need in the marketplace.

If you are looking for a way to earn extra income, start your own part time business or earn a full time income in your own successful business, you need to check out the lucrative opportunity offered by Qnet. Visit Qnet’s website to learn more about their business opportunity. 

Check out QNet’s Facebook by clicking on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/QNETofficial?ref=mf

New Koch initiative focuses on advancing freedom

Charles and David Koch are showing the more compassionate side of their conservatism to an unlikely audience in order to advance freedom, according to a recent article in Politico.

The billionaire brothers, who are well-known for donating large sums of money to conservative causes, have recently launched an outreach program that includes everything from turkey giveaways to GED training; English language instruction for Hispanic immigrants; community holiday meals and healthy living seminars for predominately African American groups, according to the newspaper.
Launched in states like Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, the Bridge to Wellbeing program offers participants “coaches” in areas including budgeting and finance; health, lifestyle and nutrition; and Constitution and personal rights.
The outreach program can be found within the foundation arm of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers conservative political advocacy group. In addition to giving participants tips about how to effectively use coupons or how they can turn their passion for say furniture making into a profitable business, the program also offers lessons on the Constitution while advocating for smaller government with less regulation.
The outreach program also includes initiatives that are aimed specifically at the homeless and those who are mentally ill or developmentally disabled. The Hispanic-centric LIBRE initiative offers Spanish-language training for those who are seeking drivers’ licenses as well as GED testing and income tax preparation.
The initiative isn’t all about conservative causes, though. It has also put its firepower and money behind an major criminal reform effort and a fight to reduce occupational licensing, where it has found support from liberals.
Charles Koch is a Wichita, Kansas native who earned a Bachelor of Science in general engineering and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering and a second M.S. in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Koch worked at Arthur D. Little, Inc., until he moved back to Wichita in 1961 to join his father’s firm, Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. He renamed the firm Koch Industries in honor of his father in 1967. He serves on the board of directors of the Entrust Financial Corporation and Georgia Pacific, LLC and founded or help found several organizations, including the Cato Institute, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and the Bill of Rights Institute.

Majeed Ekbal Is On a Noble Course to Raise Funds for the Nepal Earthquake Victims

Consistently, quakes cause a huge number of fatalities, either straightforwardly or because of the subsequent regular occurrences, for example, tidal waves and avalanches. A quake is such a sudden traumatic occasion, to the point that it normally turns into a continuing memory in the psyches of the casualties and their cherished ones. Two decimating earth quakes in Nepal asserted numerous people lives.

Nepal was hit by a progression of consequential convulsions, including a 7.2 greatness quake on May 12 after A 7.8-extent seismic tremor struck neighboring Kathmandu on April 25, 2015. The quake resulted in an expansive number of wounds and annihilation of property and infrastructure, a great number of lives was lost.

Nepal tremor casualties’ needs are still a matter of earnest. After the annihilation, most casualties could barely bolster themselves not to mention dealing with their children’s essential needs. Volunteers are avid to assist as the nation recoups from the seismic tremor. Daily, the news of children who need urgent support, reach the volunteer as they reach the battered towns and localities.

Majeed Ekbal is on respectable course to raise cash to help the casualties of the Nepal quakes since he has friends that were specifically affected.

Majeed Ekbal is a Marketing and New Business Development proficient with more than 15 years of experience creating worldwide advertising effort and driving new business activities. According to his LinkedIn profile, he Spends significant time in direct and advanced advertising, marking, association improvement, and spending plan administration, Majeed exhibits a demonstrated capacity to create income and shape complete marketing systems while likewise collecting and coaching substantial and differing groups. Ekbal is the president of Expresso Inc. and puts stock in giving his customers the services.

He puts faith in diligent hard working attitude. Ekbal trusts in having skilled representatives, and this has seen him keep on developing his enterprises as he furnishes his employees with a good workplace. Ekbal, the president of expresso, who has been doing business marginally more than a month, believes in diligent hard working attitude. The family man is energetic about his business venture and is continually sourcing for better approaches to contact customers and grow his business.

FreedomPop, The Possible Expansion From MVNO To Large Commercial Partnership

FreedomPop, which was introduced to the cellular market in 2012, is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO. An MVNO is a services provider for wireless communications in which it does not own the wireless network infrastructure that the MVNO provides services for its customers. FreedomPop took advantage of Black Friday opportunities to give potential new customers great deals on discounted mobile devices and free cell phone service. FreedomPop decided to act on the opportunity early and they offered deals to customers who were signing up for service through November 27, where they were able to buy a Motorola E smartphone for $40, when the original price was $230. They were also able to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for $100, when the original price was $450. The devices offered are refurbished models, not the latest models, but buying these models would include support for LTE services, from Sprint’s domestic network, the infrastructure that FreedomPop represented.

The deals offered with these devices also included connection for a month of free unlimited voice calling, text messaging and one gigabyte of data. After the first free month of cell phone service and one gigabyte of data, customers would convert to FreedomPop’s standard free service of 500 megabytes of data, 500 text messages and 500 voice calling minutes. FreedomPop projected that it would gain one million new customers before the end of 2015.

FreedomPop is striving to expand its smartphone portfolio utilizing the significant amount of funding it received from Intel Capital earlier in November. They also plan to introduce the first Wi-Fi model cell phone using Intel’s Sofia platform in 2016. The Intel funding came shortly after the $10 million investment that they received during this last summer from telecom operator Axiata Group, which is accredited for serving 230 million customers from Asian countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. FreedomPop plans on using the technology, business model and recent funding in conjunction with Axiata’s network, knowledge and operational capabilities to have the opportunity to offer to millions of mobile customers, free service and simple cell plans.

FreedomPop states that the move changes its operational model from a simple wholesale relationship with Sprint in the US, to becoming a larger commercial partnership. The company is in negotiations with multiple major global carriers for commercial partnerships in other markets. In June, FreedomPop received $30 million of funding from Partech Ventures, a new investor, and previous investors DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said that instead of a possible sale, which was considered previously, the decision was made to move forward with the newly obtained investment funding because of possible growth opportunities that it provided. But FreedomPop has not ruled out a potential sale in the future. He said that the company had received several mergers and acquisition offers but decided not to accept them because the decision to sell was too premature considering the funding that had recently come to the company and the possibility of larger expansion that could take place. They will look at the company’s direction again in 12 to 24 months, and make a decision about their selling options.