Jim Toner Speaks About the Secrets to Creating Wealth

Jim Toner is a renowned real estate investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Jim Toner gained his popularity from launching his Creating Wealth 101 system while helping hundreds of entrepreneurs. In the Creating Wealth, Jim Toner uses a movie starring late Roddy Piper commonly known as Rowdy. In the movie, the star plays the character called Nada. The setting of the famous film has Nada has a wanderer of meaningless life to him.

In his wandering habit, Nada stumbles upon some nice pair of sunglasses. The cool stuff allows Nada to see the world in its real image. After getting the sunglasses, Nada walks along the streets of Los Angeles where he begins to realize that both the media and the government are full of people who use subliminal messages to the public with intentions of subduing the population. He also notices that most of the people who are socially known as elites are aliens who are after gaining universal denomination.

According to the News Version, Jim Toner relates this famous movie with the contemporary world where the majority of the people are more into their phones and computers more than they engage in real talking and sharing of ideas. Jim Toner indicated that he does not need magical sunglasses to see how astray the world has grown. Jim continues to inform that he does not require any pair of sunglasses to understand that the contemporary media is bought and a large percentage of the stories they air is for the gain of someone who cashed out for it.

Jim advocates for right thinking one of the essential steps of creating wealth. He says that those who subject themselves in accurate thinking are likely to see magic happening in their lives. Jim is against the mentality that people have that one has to go to school, pass exams, get a good job and scale up the ladder for them to be successful. Jim Toner expresses his disagreement with this brainwashing myth arguing that it makes the majority of people not even try to attain anything in life since they believe they do not qualify. Jim believes that qualifications are meaningless in the quest of working for your destiny.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani, The Astute Investor

Hussain Sajwani is more than just a graduate from the University of Washington. Hussain Sajwani started as a contracts manager in Gas Company which, is a part of an oil company. Shortly after that he established a business catering too different ventures in the food industry. Later on as his business expertise grew, he decided to take the liberty of expanding the property Market in Dubai in the 90s because of consistent trends of people coming for work and play.

As a DAMAC owner, he has built several hotels to cater to the constant growth influx of workers and people arriving to do business and trade throughout the Middle East and Africa. Sajwani realized that as a DAMAC owner the key to success has come from his strong expertise in property development which, derived from his previous years of experience in marketing, legal, finance, administration and most importantly his ability to sell.

The Amazement Of An Astute Businessman And Investor

As a DAMAC owner, with a track record like his it is no wonder he is as successful as he is today. Hussain Sajwani, currently his holdings in a strong profolio which, includes a number of securities in both regional and global markets in the Middle East. He holds his holdings under his Flagship Investment Company known as DICO Investments. Through his holdings company, he owns an upscale version of things when it comes to business.

According to roayahnews.com, he now focuses on growing the economy and the financial markets by owning investments in private equities acquisitions and merges. Hussain Sajwani also holds major and minority holdings in publicly traded companies as well. Has hass recently expanded his business portfolio throughout the real estate market. Through his holding company he now is in the ceramic tile industry, the building material industry, and the as resort industry. It is clear that Sajwani is an astute business man and investor.

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Mike Baur Carves Out the Perfect Business Model

Mike Baur is showing business owners that he knows exactly what it takes to help a business leader thrive. Entrepreneurs have been going out and starting up businesses only to see themselves fail when they don’t have a proper plan in place. Mike Baur is trying to stop the large numbers of businesses that are failing. Entrepreneurs have a chance to get in co-working spaces with other entrepreneurs that share similar visions. This can be a great way for entrepreneurs to brainstorm with one another. Mike Baur also uses the Swiss Startup Factory to equip entrepreneurs with the ability to develop better business plans.


People that are familiar with what the Swiss Startup Factory does can definitely get a new perspective on how they will manage their business.


Mike Baur has been able to help a lot of for new entrepreneurs with the Swiss startup Factory. He has definitely been able to help people see a better way for building a business by starting the 360 acceleration program to entrepreneurs.


It is through this program that he has been able to help people create a much better approach to building their businesses. He is able to discuss things like just-in-time inventory and sales forecasting with entrepreneurs. There are coaches in place that can give entreprenuers a better amount of insight about all of the things that can be done in order to maximize revenue. The Swiss startup Factory is definitely a godsend for anyone that may be looking for the right type of program to give them a better business model.


The Swiss Startup Factory is definitely changing the way the entreprenuers look at their business model. People that are able to get coaching on how they should build a better business model will be pleased with the way that customers view their business. People are going to be willing to patronize a business if it is running smoothly. This is what Mike Baur has taken interest in when it comes to helping entrepreneurs. He wants them to have the smoothest transition into the business world as they expand and grow their business.


He wants entrepreneurs to know what it means to have a loyal consumer base. Mike is a fan of venture capitalism, and he wants entrepreneurs to become familiar with the act of building their business. There are many people that are fans of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Marc Sparks Announces New Home For Timber Creek Capital L.P

On January 22, 2015, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital L.P. announced that the firm will be moving to a new location. After more than 10 years in its present office location, Timber Creek Capital L.P. will be moving to an environment that is more conducive for collaboration and startup incubation said founder and CEO Marc Sparks. Mr. Sparks is the owner of Timber Creek Capital L.P. and a highly successful serial entrepreneur in his own right. Timber Creek L.P. helps fund entrepreneurs to start profit generating companies.


Marc Sparks says that to develop a successful and profitable business one must first have a business model in place and then acquire the resources needed to build up that business using the model one has created. Timber Creek Capital L.P has three different companies in its office location. Each one can help entrepreneurs and startups build up their idea in the crucial “incubation period”. The owner of Timber Creek Capital L.P. also added that as an entrepreneur himself, he understands how important a quality, conductive and collaborative work place is to building the success of a new business. It accounts for at least a quarter of the successful outcome of a company if not more said Mark Sparks.


The Texas entrepreneur Mark Sparks also made an analogy to how important work environment really is to the successful outcome of a business and its effect on employees. He asked that would you work harder and thrive in an office that had blacked out windows and was in a sketchy neighborhood or one that was in a prime location such as Fifth Avenue in Manhattan with lots of windows and many successful people walking past the office? While he admits he has given an extreme example, Marc Sparks says that it is important to realize that where you work is just as important as how you work. If you cut corners on the location it can be just as bad as cutting corners in the business process.


Besides investing in entrepreneurs and startups through Timber Creek Capital L.P. Marc Sparks is involved in philanthropy. He supports organizations such as Habitat For Humanity that builds affordable homes for low income families and the American Can! Academy that works with at-risk youth. Mr. Sparks recently donated over a thousand laptops to the American Can! Academy. He has also been involved with The Samaritan Inn, which is a shelter for the homeless that accommodates up to 160 people each night in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Mark Sparks is also a published author. He has written the autobiographical and business book called They Can’t Eat You. It uses examples from Sparks’ own life to illustrate how tough the road to entrepreneurship can be and discusses ways to overcome obstacles.


A Look at The Three Hundred Collins Built by Jason Halpern’s JMH Development

JMH Development, the company founded by the renowned investor, Jason Halpern in Feb 2015 announced its second project in Florida. The Three Hundred Collins is a 19-residence luxury condo in the Fifth neighborhood in Miami Beach. Halpern revealed that it was to begin launching sales in March 2015.


Contracted Experts
The five-story building, at 300 Collins Avenue, was designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen and it was his maiden project in Miami. Back in New York, the legendary designer designed the interiors of the One57, 11 Beach Street, and the 505 West 19th Street. Halpern said that Charles Benson was the local architect for the Three Hundred Collins.


Building Features and Design
The building has a lobby and amenity area located on the first floor and parking behind it. It features one- to- four-bedroom houses, including four two-story condos and three penthouses. The property is valued to be between $1.2 million and $9 million. Its units range between 1000 square feet and 3700 square feet. Most condos will average $1500 per square foot while the penthouses located on the fifth floor cost around $2200 per square foot. ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is the official sales as well as marketing agents for the property.


Additional Features and Amenities
Additional features of the condo include spacious terraces, and the two-story units have a 1500-square-foot rear garden. All its units are designed as “column-free,” and some have soaring, 18-foot ceilings. The condos also have expansive-plank white oak floors, marble bathrooms as well as kitchens custom-designed by the famous Juul-Hansen. Amenities include a fitness facility, rooftop deck with cabanas and a 75-foot swimming pool. The lobby also has a front desk as well as a concierge. Halpern said that JMH paid $13 million for the plot of land. The firm expected to begin the construction toward the end of 2015, with expected delivery around mid-2017.


Jason Halpern Current Focus
After launching JMH Development in the year 2000, Halpern concentrated on projects in New York, before he turned his focus to South Florida. Halpern is one of the pioneers of Williamsburg where he developed 184 Kent Avenue. 184 Kent Avenue is a 337-unit rental condo that was opened in 2010. In Florida, his maiden development was the Aloft South Beach which is a Starwood property. The 235-roomed hotel which housed the Stephen Starr restaurant opened in May. Already, Halpern’s third project is in the offing. JMH has recently bought 2901 Indian Creek Boulevard. Halpern says that his company also plans for a 30000-square-foot residential apartment which will go before Miami Beach around April.


How Does Kenneth Goodgame Make True Value Hardware Stores Better?

Kenneth Goodgame has become something of a merchandising marvel since taking over at True Value Hardware. His role as senior vice president leaves him in-charge of how every appears, and his merchandising prowess helps the business remain true to its roots. This article reviews what a True Value Hardware store looks like today, and Kenneth’s image of the company allows customers to feel nostalgic on every visit.

#1: True Value Is An Antique Brand

Hardware stores of the new age have been around for a few decades while True Value has been an American staple since the days of black and white pictures. Every store conjures images of a time gone by where fathers and their sons shopped for building supplies before going home for a weekend project. The stores are far smaller than the competition, and they are far easier to shop. It is quite simple to see why True Value is still popular, and the interior of every store simply feels friendly.

#2: Kenneth Believes The Company Must Remain True To Its Roots

Kenneth Goodgame is a modern man, but he is not willing to force the company the become instantly modern. He allows True Value to stay the simple and approachable company it is today, and the greeting at the front register means more to him than created a store that he views as overdone.

#3: True Value Wishes To Remain In Its Bubble

Larger hardware outlets have moved into an environment where they sell everything under the sun, and they are packing their stores with more products than they may sell in a year. True Value wishes to remain a bit smaller, and they are keeping their product offering slightly subdued to ensure customers are not overwhelmed by the sheer number of items available on the shelves.

Kenneth Goodgame’s passion for merchandising has transformed True Value into a modern company that has not bent with the times. They are a small box store that looks beautiful on its interior, and they offer a lovely greeting at the front door. Kenneth’s work ensures the company is not overdoing what is a simple retail model.

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Kenneth Goodgame, Senior VP of True Value Hardware Company

Bringing To Life A Vision of Commitment

John Goullet is an entrepreneur’s hero. Starting at the bottom and building his way to the top on diverse education and experience, Goullet created a niche business companies were willing to spend the money on. John was just a IT tech staffing professional and began the transition to an IT consultant after he saw a potential to grow with the industry. He continued his career in 1994 when he found Info Technologies serving as the CEO. Info Technologies was an IT consulting company that offered its services, growing quickly to serve fortune 500 companies. As he continued his business venture he was recognized for numerous awards such as one of the fastest growing private companies with organizations such as Inc.’s Magazine. With growing not being a hurdle he would have to cross, Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant, LLC, and serves as a chairman.

Throughout all of his continued success and achievements Mr. Goulett never forgets the core of what makes it all work, commitment to the customer and services his company and staff provide. IdeaMensch did a personal interview with Goulett in November of 2016, getting the details on his journey and what motivates him to keep going.

He starts his day out at the gym, and spends the majority of his day in the office unless he has other plans. Getting his excitement and drive from other industry leaders, John Goullet knew early on that his desire to provide consulting services to a big market was more than obtainable. We all have something that we failed at and would change if we could go back, John says his was hiring sales reps and not holding them accountable until it was too late.

A great entrepreneur to know about and learn from, as well as a person willing to share his success tips to help others. Mr. Goullet is an all-around business man looking to serve clients to the best of his ability, using self-taught knowledge and experience.

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Diversant LLC and John Goullet Provides Cutting-Edge IT Staffing Services and Solutions

Diversant Principal John Goullet

Investor Kyle Bass Thinks Betting Against China’s Currency Is His Next Big Pay Day


Hedge fund investors like Kyle Bass like to bet big and win. Bass has been at the top of the investment industry for the last eight years. He bet the subprime mortgage industry was going to collapse in 2008, and that investment made him very rich. The 2008 financial collapse made his investors richer while the rest of the country tried to avoid bankruptcy. Bass didn’t waste any time building a hedge fund that produced excellent returns. He was riding high until two years ago. That’s when some of his investments started to fall apart. But he is convinced poor results are behind him now. His latest bet against China’s currency is a sure winner, according to Bass.



But China is a formidable foe even though the country is having its share of economic and financial setbacks. Bass believes China is going to be forced to use capital reserves once again to keep their banking system solvent. If they do use part of their trillions in capital reserves, the yuan will fall in value against the U.S. dollar and the German mark. If that happens over the next three years, Bass and his investment firm, Hayman Capital, will make another fortune. Hayman Capital sold 75 percent of the stocks in the fund’s portfolio and invested that money in shorting the yuan.



That investment is risky, but Bass lives to take risks. He risked his credibility when he took his friend Cristina de Kirchner side when she decided to default on Argentina bonds and leave four other hedge funds holding billions in bad paper. He took a big risk when he stood behind General Motors when people died because of faulty airbags and steering mechanisms. And he is taking another risk by betting that drug company stocks will drop when the news breaks that they are being investigated for price fixing. Bass is getting inside information from one of the instigators of those claims, Erich Spangenberg. Kyle Bass has a tarnished reputation, and his bet against the Chinese yuan is his comeback story. Bass needs something to bring his credibility rating back to the positive side, but betting against China is a dangerous way to do that.

Marc Sparks: From Bare-bones to Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a Dallas-based entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He has started and maintained many successful businesses and is a proven venture capitalist. Sparks demonstrates a strong faith in God and attributes much of his success to his faith.

Sparks showed a knack for business at an early age. The budding entrepreneur wasn’t the best student and never earned a college degree, but he quickly showed a natural instinct for business concepts. Born in Austin, Texas he graduated from high school and quickly dove into the business sector. His initial start-up based on insurance sales blew up shortly after its inception. Sparks claims these failures have kept him humble and taught him valuable lessons for his future successes. He has gone on to begin and fund dozens of successful ventures in real estate, technology, and telecommunications.

Sparks is most famous for his ownership and involvement with his start-up private equity firm Timber Creek Capital. As a principal to the company he provides support to other start-up ventures looking to become profit-generating endeavors. In this role he is able to live out his dream of helping other entrepreneurs find success.

Sparks has also recently been involved with a start-up called Spark Tank. Spark Tank was created as another avenue for helping young up and coming entrepreneurs find the inspiration, capital, connections, and support required for taking their business ideas to the next level. The program focuses specifically on entrepreneurs with an idea for social revolution. Candidate apply online and must be from the non-profit sector. Finalists are selected to receive small grants and mentorship opportunities with the hope that their ideas will lead to positive social impact in their communities.

It is obvious that Sparks has a passion for helping others. Outside of business he is also involved in many philanthropic initiatives. He regularly volunteers with a large homeless shelter in his home state of Texas. The Good Samaritan offers housing, counseling, financial education, and job placement opportunities. He also regularly works with Habitat for Humanity and he also funds the “Sparky’s Kids” Foundation which donates computers to underprivileged children in the hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty.

When not involved in business or volunteer opportunities, Marc enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and biking. He also enjoys journaling about his experiences and has recently transformed his work into a successful book called “They Can’t Eat You” which highlights both his successes and lessons learned as an entrepreneur.

Sparks is definitely an inspiration to any aspiring entrepreneur. His ability to find success against all odds serves as a lesson in persistence and self-belief and is an admirable and heart-felt success story!

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Utilizing Gold as an Investment

If you are thinking about getting some gold with the intention on putting it away, you are making a very good decision. The best way to approach thinking about gold is a solid investment that should be used as protection. Most people want to put money away in various savings accounts, as well as pay into social security, based on the fact that they know when they get into their old age that they will have funds available to them.

This is done as a form of protection, which in essence, is the same thing that a person is doing when they are buying gold.

However, it is actually safer to buy up gold, as something could happen to the social security program of the US Money Reserve, and any other place that you put your money, but no one is going to change the value of gold. It is highly unlikely that gold will ever not be of value in the World, which is why it is so safe to possess – http://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve.

Gold and other precious metals are seen as a way of backing up currencies of the world, and for good reason. Gold really was the first form of currency and since that time and that’s what US Money Reserve is trying to do, it has remained the same, which makes buying gold one of the smartest things that a person can do according to CBS News.

This is not to say that you should put all of your money into gold, as it is a good idea to not put all of your eggs in one basket, especially if you are trying to drastically grow your wealth through investments. Even if you did want to spend a decent amount of your money investing in things that may be on the more risky side, if you do put a certain percentage into gold, you will be protecting at least some of your wealth.

There are various outlets where you can purchase gold, but a great place to purchase from is the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve creates all sorts of gold and silver coins, which are available for purchase online.

While you might want to consider buying up some of their coins, they also sell bars of gold, which range from single ounces, all the way up to kilo bricks of gold, which cost just over forty thousand dollars at the current moment. Putting a few of these away in a safe or a safety deposit box could back up a families wealth permanently.