Billy McFarland’s Unique Social Club Entrepreneurial Business Idea

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland may be a young man, but he has an incredibly innovative mind that gives him the chance to combine various aspects. As a youth, he understands that the young generation often cares about partying, eating and practically just spending money. As a result of this realization, Billy Mcfarland has decided to come up with a black card that gives access to all these activities put together. The card is owned by a company known as Magnises.

The Magnises card is typically a standard credit card. However, it is slightly heavier as it is metallic. It is not linked to any financial institution. However, it can be connected to your original credit or debit card giving it the ability to pay for your expenses. Additionally, you stand a chance of getting great discounts at various restaurants, bars, and clubs that are liaising with Magnises. Additionally, it is easier to get segmented spots at different concerts and even luxurious holidays.

Some of the firms that have joined the movement include La Esquin restaurant and Catch restaurant in the hospitality industry. The clubs include Finale, Goldbar as well as Spin Studio Cyc. As a member, you are entitled to discounted helicopter rides with the transport company Blade, when heading to the Hamptons.

Although the business is just one-year-old and aims at professionals within the age bracket of 21years old and 35 years old, Magnises has 6,000 members who pay $250 annually. These individuals are in differing sectors such as fashion, technology, and finance. This is a young business that will quickly find its footing in the society and will be worth billions in a few years to come.

Due to its rapid expansion, the startup relocated from a West Village townhouse to a fabulous and spacious penthouse at a Rivington Hotel. The company opts to use the extra space as offices for its members who can then hold meetings during the day. The room is also used as an open space to hold events such as cocktails and even late-night DJ sets.

Despite the fact that Billy did not complete his computer engineering at Bucknell University, he did not waste time in putting his skills to great use.