Prepare for Summer with a New Moisturizer

The summer fruit flavored lip balm is the perfect moisturizer to kick off your summer this year. It comes in cooling flavors of peach, blueberry, and strawberry. EOS boasts 100% natural, 95% organic, and free of petroleum, paraben, phthalate, and gluten. Its main ingredients are shea butter and jojoba oil providing a smooth and long lasting moisture for your lips so you can enjoy the sunny day without worry. There is also an important rich and versatile vitamin packed into the balm. Yes, the antioxidant vitamin E keeps your skin looking youthful by blocking free radicals that plays an enormous part in the aging process. Important link here.


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Sweet mint is another just as wonderful choice for this sizzling summer. Packed with the same ingredients as that in the summer fruit flavored lip balm, sometimes fresh sweet mint lets you feel the summer heat while keeping your lips cool, proceed to for details. It comes in a light baby blue spherical lip balm while the summer fruit is a brightly-colored red. Both of these small egg-shaped lip balms are easy to use with a twist and turn to open and close and made of high-quality unlike that of a dry regular chapstick. Evolution of smooth or also known as EOS provides these two spectacular flavors destined for keeping fresh, cool, and moisturized for the upcoming summer.


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Look Good Feel Good

For many people, looking good makes them feel better. One reason is that society places a lot of value on beauty. Therefore, when people see that they look good, then they are more likely to feel good about themselves. As a result, they may feel more confident in themselves. While people ultimately decides what looks good to them, they can get a lot of pointers from beauty gurus. Beauty gurus often provide examples and inspirations to people that are looking for ways to update their style. Some of the best beauty gurus will not only tell people how to look good, but how to feel good about themselves.

Among the beauty gurus that are online is Wengie. She is actually one of the best, most positive, and inspirational beauty gurus. For one thing, she is a multicultural beauty guru. However, her ideas of beauty are not rigid by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, she sees beauty in every day people. She understands the struggles that one must go through in order to find their sense of worth, especially if it is not instilled in them from childhood. Wengie herself had to learn how to navigate the world of fashion and beauty in order to find different looks that she is satisfied with.

For one thing, she is very diverse in the looks she puts together and is willing to change her style and experiment in order to come up with new looks. Even though she is satisfied with her own looks, she is also willing to accept feedback from her subscribers. She is also very passionate about health. She understands that eating healthy is a very important aspect of beauty. For one thing, there are foods and nutrients that she could consume which bring her skin a smoother complexion. This makes it even easier for her to achieve the level of beauty she desires.

For one thing, skincare is one very important aspect of beauty. Wengie also suggest exfoliating the skin before moisturizing the skin. Wengie has come across plenty of high quality products for exfoliation that she recommends for people to use in order to bring about greater skin health.

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Lime Crime: Making An Original Impression In A Flooded Market

The world of fashion is no small one. Whether you’re a man or a woman, in today’s world you have a seemingly endless variety to wade through. This can be quite the task to ‘stand out’ for any cosmetics or fashion company. There is one makeup brand that has been getting more than it’s fair share of attention. That brand is Lime Crime, which has a huge range on Dolls Kill.

You can recognize Lime Crime products from their very vibrant and wildly eccentric color schemes. From products like the LA Splash Studio Shine for lips that will have you re-thinking lip gloss, to the matching shade of eye shadow, you’ll be in love with the style. An example here would be the Velvetines Collection of fantastic colors. Into skin care? Have no worries. Lime Crime has you covered from head to toe! The brand name has quickly grown and evolved into more than just eye catching makeup. It has become a go-to essential for many loyal customers to the Lime Crime label.

The mind behind the brand is CEO of the company, Doe Deere. Her passion for cosmetics and skin care has been the impetus for creating such exciting styles and choices for her loyal customer base. You can even dare for the more adventurous styles with gilding flakes of varying colors and even body glitter to compliment the sparkle in your style. Lime Crime has been focused on the not-so-average since day one. From Doe’s shockingly bright hair to her impeccable fashion demands, she knows exactly what she wants when it comes to makeup and cosmetics in general. Even if the ‘how’ isn’t clear right away.

It is her willingness to experiment with so many (out of the norm) colors and styles that has set her brand apart from the fashionista pack at large. The momentum for Lime Crime and their Instagram following is steady if anything. What the future holds for this company is yet to be seen. The way things are going now, it will be as bright as their color schemes.  UrbanOutfitters is one of the perfect places to buy Lime Crime.