ClassDojo is Expanding their Online Parent-Teacher Communication Platform in 2016

ClassDojo is revolutionizing communication between parents, teachers, and students. This free app is an online platform that allows registered users to view, comment and share a classroom’s daily news. Curated by the teacher, class activities, social events, and student interactions are documented through pictures, videos, and text. Classdojo is like an educator’s Facebook or SnapChat.


Classdojo streamlines communication, creating a positive classroom community. Parents can view, comment and contact teachers instantly through direct messages. Email lists are eliminated, freeing up teachers time to teach. Parents can ask questions that would otherwise go unanswered until parent teacher conferences. Students are supported by parents that are up to date on classroom news, be that accomplishments or challenges.


In fact, according to the article ”ClassDojo raises $21 million for app to make parent-teacher meetings obsolete” investors in the Series B round of venture funding believe that ClassDojo is an essential tool for connecting educators with parents, and they are willing to invest millions in it. What started in 2011 as a way to encourage positive classroom behavior, has grown into an educational tech tool that has created a real change in the way teachers, parents and students interact from the ground up. In 2016 Class Dojo is being used by over 85,000 elementary and middle schools in the United States. Both public and private schools have adopted the communication platform and are expanding its user base.


ClassDojo has proven itself as an excellent tool to create a positive classroom environment and is now focusing on ways to generate revenue. The founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, are adamant about protecting the privacy of users and balk at the notion of profiting from data. Instead, they envision ClassDojo as a marketplace for school photos, merchandise, and memorabilia. They also are considering expanding ClassDojo’s capacities to make online payments, such as collecting money for field trips, lunches or class supplies.


ClassDojo assures that any revenue generation will be at the service of teachers and parents. During the upcoming year, they will consider ways that the online tool can facilitate the exchange of money between teachers, students, and parents, eliminating the need to send in checks or cash stuffed in children’s backpacks.

Safety Is A Big Priority For The Skout Network

The informational website, The Nation, is a highly rated website that many people frequent to get information on tons of things. One thing people want information about is what’s the best applications to download or any good applications that are downloadable. The Nation chose to publish a very short list that included three great applications to download, and one of those applications is Skout. Skout has been around for years and is a socializing network as well as a place to date. Skout’s ability to allow people to socialize across seas and oceans make it a great application download choice.

Although Skout is a great dating network and a place for people to find new friends, some people tend to worry about how safe they’ll be if they meet someone on the network and choose to meet them in person. The fact is, even if two people meet in person, neither person can guarantee that the other person is good, and the same goes for anyone who meets someone online. Anyone who chooses to meet someone in person, especially if they are meeting for the first time, should definitely be careful and cautious as well as using their best judgment.

Those that meet on the Skout network may get to know the person for a while before they ever choose to meet in person. It’s a good idea for those who are dating on the Skout network to seek out the person that interests them, and ask as many questions as possible before finally meeting in person. Skout is not a network that forces people only to communicate through online means because the whole point of dating is to meet in person and to eventually date. Although there are networks that make it difficult for people to meet, Skout is not one of those networks.

Skout not only encourages their members to meet one another but meeting in person is the best way for two people to fall in love if they meet in a real-life setting, outside of the online setting. The only thing that Skout wants its members to do is to be careful. Any time that a person is going to meet someone that they met on the Skout network, they should let others know where they are going to be and at what time. If possible, it’s best to date in a group, or it’s wise to bring another person to the first date.

If the other person says they feel uncomfortable with having another person on the date, then maybe it would be best to pass up on dating that person if they don’t feel up to a double date or group date, even though it makes the other person feel safe. If a person uses caution when dating on the Skout network, then it’s likely that they’ll end up finding a person that they really like and can be friends with or someone they can date in the future. Skout definitely wants all its members to be happy with their Skout experience.

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Skout Features On Top 10 Mobile Dating App Lists

Now in its fourth year the annual list of top 10 mobile dating apps assembled by relationships expert Julie Spira is always hotly anticipated to see which apps make the list by industry members and those looking for love Online. The latest list for 2015 has been revealed with a large amount of information about how the dating industry in the U.S. is changing. Seven percent of all smartphone users, roughly three percent of the population of the country, have reported using their phone for dating purposes.

The top spot on the list of top mobile dating apps has gone to tinder, but one of the original Online dating and social media apps is still in the top 10 and going strong for the future. Skout is generally seen as the Online dating app that changed the industry with its mixture of social media aspects and dating options, which are all based upon location instead of any form of matching software. Skout has been around since 2008 and has looked to move with the times to maintain its position as one of the top apps for younger people to use when looking for love.

Over the years a series of features have been introduced to make sure the members of Skout always have the best options in looking for a new relationship. Amongst these features is the shake option, which provides Skout members with a random profile to view when they shake their phone. Other improvements and changes made to the app include the development of a members area designed specifically for teens who want to take advantage of an app linking them with their peers in a similar location.

Skout has always been seen as a leader in the world of Online dating, but the ability of the developers of the app to keep it at the forefront of the industry for so many years. One of the reasons the app has maintained its position as one of the top options for singles to look for love is the fact it was the first to combine social media aspects to its service, which is based on a platform originally created as a social media app. As time has moved on in the Online dating world the many rivals of Skout have followed the lead of the app developer to create versions that create a social experience. A large number of Online dating apps that appear on the list have now been developed for more than simply dating purposes, and have instead become social networking sites. There are many options for those seeking a date through Online apps to research, which makes the annual top 10 list a must have for those seeking a new relationship.