ClassDojo Makes the Grade!

The multifaceted ClassDojo communications platform pairs a teacher-facilitated social network with a shareable-content site that keeps parents connected to student’s progress through portfolios of classwork, progress reports, daily feedback and messages. Currently in use in approximately 90% of K-8 schools in the United States, it is also in public, private and charter schools around the world. ClassDojo offers the Big Ideas Video Series, which handles difficult to grasp concepts, such as empathy, growth mind-set and other emotional intelligence ideas, with parable-style stories from Mojo and the other adorable ClassDojo monsters. Hit

The fact that the App content has been translated into more than 35 different languages also reaches across barriers within increasingly ethnic communities in the United States. This helps teachers and educators foster community buy-in and parental involvement. It create continuity between school and home to strengthen the learning experience, reinforce understanding and advance the affirmative empowerment of students.  Head over to

Based in San Francisco, ClassDojo joined forces with Stanford’s PERTS program and Harvard’s Making Caring Common program, to produce educational films on core aspects of emotional intelligence such as empathy. It is estimated that one in three school children in the United States have been taught about empathy with content and lessons from Big Ideas. ClassDojo is at the forefront of privacy-assured educational communications technology, but it is the ground-up, positive culture-building aspects of their products which are putting them ahead of their competition.