The Administration Roles and Career of Mr. Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is a skiing expert, and he works at the Squaw Valley Ski Holding as the chief executive officer and president of the resort. He started serving the mountain resort and hotel sector in 1986, and to date he has acquired a lot of experience.

Mr. Wirth has used his expertise to make the Squaw Valley Resort to be one of the leading skiing destinations that tourists from various parts of the world can tour during winter. He is a graduate of the Colorado and Edinburgh Universities where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree and masters respectively.

The grandfather of Mr. Wirth was a US National Parks Service Director, and therefore, he has been actively associating with national parks for a couple of years. He has served various parks, and they include the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area, where he was a wildness range, and the Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Andy worked for the Steamboat Spring Resort, and his responsibilities at the company were related to marketing and management. The company was letter merged with Intrawest, and he was appointed to be the executive vice president of the firm as from 2007.

The Squaw Valley Resort has been in the skiing and resort business for about seven decades. Before Andy Wirth was appointed by the company to serve as a chief executive officer, it was headed by Nancy Cushing, whose family had been managing the firm for many years. After Wirth joined the company, he was made to be in charge of a renovation that was worth $70 million and it was meant to make the resort be at par with its competitors in the industry. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The Squaw Valley Resort significantly changed within one year, and it was among the most preferred places for skiing and camping. According to Ironman Magazine, Andy Wirth was actively involved in the purchasing of the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort by Squaw Valley Resort. As the CEO of the Squaw Valley Resort, he automatically became the head of the two hotels. Andy is the current chief executive officer of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, and he was chosen to this position in 2016. He is also a generous individual, and he has donated to fund various charities.