Michael Zomber- Sharing Knowledge and Experience of the Warriors Way

Bushido or the Warrior’s Way is not just a term to antique arms and armor collector and enthusiast Michael Zomber, it is a way of life. Michael has been collecting antique arms and armor pieces for over 40 years now and often shares his knowledge with the world through his writing, film work, and guest appearances on radio and television shows. Michael has worked with the History Channel and appeared several times on their documentary series “Tales of the Gun.” Michael has an extensive knowledge of Bushido, the samurai culture, and the arms and armor that they utilized.

His passion has led him to writing five historical novels including A Son of Kentucky, Park Avenue and Shogun lemitsu. Michael and his wife also own their own independent film company in which they have helped to produce several Independent films including Zomber’s documentary on Bushido. Michael is also a philanthropist who is involved with many different organizations around the world that are helping to bring forth a more peaceful future for generations to come. Michael is also a father of two and respectively lives in Philadelphia amongst many other antique experts. Michael is also a UCLA graduate. Here he received graduate and undergraduate degrees in literature.

Due to Michael’s profound knowledge of antique weapons as well as the Warrior’s Way he is highly sought out by many different television and radio outlets.