Beck Attempts to Un-Mask the Puppeteer in Plain Sight

Glenn Beck is an ardent believer in conspiracy theories. In fact, he enjoys them so much he makes up his own. Unfortunately, his attempt to paint George Soros as a dark anti-Semitic puppeteer, hiding in the shadows and pulling strings of revolution in places around the world, falls more than a bit flat. Soros, it seems, refuses to stay behind the curtain.

Soros, in fact, completely ignores Beck. After all, he’s endured worse.

Young George Soros survived Eichmann’s purge of Jews from Hungary by serving as a runner and messenger of the Budapest Jewish Council. These understandably frightened elders hoped to avoid notice by keeping the Jewish community of Budapest calm and quiet. The few Jewish survivors from the Hungarian purge survived by taking on false identities and going into hiding, as Soros did.

Upon surviving, Soros became a successful businessman. With his wealth, he set about to destroy communism. Rather than fighting with guns, George Soros smuggled copy machines into Hungary to shatter state control of information. Indeed, Lord Mark Malloch Brown of the International Crisis Group credited four people with the destruction of communism: Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Thatcher, and George Soros.

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Glenn Beck’s Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14-Year-Old’s Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Beck dedicated three segments of what he refers to as “news” attempting to paint Soros as a Jew-murdering collaborator in 1944. At that time, Soros was 14 years old, living a false life as a Christian in a city under the Nazi boot heel. Beck seems to give Soros a reprieve for being a child under hideous living conditions, but then paints him as a man who knows how to live a lie.

In a video clip, Soros refers to his time under Nazi occupation as “happy.” He was fourteen and in terrible danger, but he was with his father and managed to survive. Per Beck’s take on this clip, this is an indication that Soros hated his fellow Jews and still does, as he disagrees with Israel.

Beck disregards an obvious source for Soros’ happiness. Perhaps this child was just thrilled to be alive at the end of each day?

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George Gascon And Gary Delanges: Old Friends And Now Foes

The former president of the Police Officer’s Association (POA), Gary Delanges, has submitted a sworn declaration regarding a “blue ribbon” task force that former police chief, George Gascon, set up to investigate claims of homophobia and racism in San Francisco’s Police Department. The assertions include those that the then police chief was completely unconcerned with diversity of the force, and that he also had been heard making racially disparaging remarks while drunk and out at a business function with union leaders.

Delagnes’ declaration came just eight days after Mr. Gascon, now San Francisco’s District Attorney, made an appearance before a panel in which he testified that the police union wields much influence over the chief of police to make changes and effect reform. Mr. Delanges spent 25 years on the San Francisco Police Department, and of this 25 years, nine were spent as POA president. During his reign as POA president, he was well-known for unabashedly saying what was on his mind. He closes his declaration with accusations that Mr. Gascon made racial remarks at a 2010 dinner held in Boston where police union leadership was discussed in a forum organized by Harvard Law School.

Apparently, as per Mr. Delanges, Mr. Gascon was reminiscing about his time with the Los Angeles Police Department, and under the influence of much imbibing, he made multiple remarks disparaging minorities. Mr. Delanges reports that an African American forum attendee, at one point, came over and asked the then police chief to refrain from making further remarks as he and his family were offended.

Mr. Delanges said that he felt compelled to write this declaration now after he read that Mr. Gascon said he was now more worried about the state of the Police Department than he was during his reign from 2009 to 2011. Mr. Delanges, having been so close with Mr. Gascon at one time that he attended his wedding, now feels that Mr. Gascon’s recent comments about his concern for diversity on department are disingenuous. He also states that during a lunch, Mr. Gascon, now District Attorney, said he would oppose the appointment of Greg Suhr as police chief. Mr. Delanges told him he would stand to lose POA support for his re-election as District Attorney, as the POA supported Suhr’s appointment, and this made Mr. Gascon back away from opposing Suhr.


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