DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani, The Astute Investor

Hussain Sajwani is more than just a graduate from the University of Washington. Hussain Sajwani started as a contracts manager in Gas Company which, is a part of an oil company. Shortly after that he established a business catering too different ventures in the food industry. Later on as his business expertise grew, he decided to take the liberty of expanding the property Market in Dubai in the 90s because of consistent trends of people coming for work and play.

As a DAMAC owner, he has built several hotels to cater to the constant growth influx of workers and people arriving to do business and trade throughout the Middle East and Africa. Sajwani realized that as a DAMAC owner the key to success has come from his strong expertise in property development which, derived from his previous years of experience in marketing, legal, finance, administration and most importantly his ability to sell.

The Amazement Of An Astute Businessman And Investor

As a DAMAC owner, with a track record like his it is no wonder he is as successful as he is today. Hussain Sajwani, currently his holdings in a strong profolio which, includes a number of securities in both regional and global markets in the Middle East. He holds his holdings under his Flagship Investment Company known as DICO Investments. Through his holdings company, he owns an upscale version of things when it comes to business.

According to roayahnews.com, he now focuses on growing the economy and the financial markets by owning investments in private equities acquisitions and merges. Hussain Sajwani also holds major and minority holdings in publicly traded companies as well. Has hass recently expanded his business portfolio throughout the real estate market. Through his holding company he now is in the ceramic tile industry, the building material industry, and the as resort industry. It is clear that Sajwani is an astute business man and investor.

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