Paul Mampilly; the Brilliant Investment Guru

Paul Mampilly started his career on the Wall Street Journal where he assisted the portfolio manager in Bankers Trust. He vastly advanced to executive positions where he served at Deutsche Bank then ING. He managed substantial accounts. In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management recruited him to serve as the hedge fund manager. In his tenure, the assets of the firm grew to $25 billion. That is when Barron’s named the firm one of the universes’ ‘’ best’’ hedge funds.

With the capital of $50 million, he generated a 76 percent return within two years. His investments quickly developed into $88 million. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the investment was that it occurred during the great recession of 2008. Finally, Mampilly would grow tired of working for the same company. He shifted his focus to helping the conventional citizens gain financial independence through major investment deals. Today, Mampilly is a senior advisor and editor at the investment company called Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in helping average income earners create wealth through technology and emerging business opportunities.

Paul Mampilly believes that the Internet of Things is the next big thing. He encourages investors to think of the future by investing in stocks. As such, he analyses the possibilities of the future being controlled by technology. In his opinion, all internet connected gadgets and devices with cameras and censors are intertwined. It is a good idea for the gadgets to connect and communicate as the Internet of Things has vastly gained momentum.

According to Paul Mampilly, the plain has at least 5000 sensors. These sensors can easily generate about 10 GB data per second. This means that the data is sufficient to fill average modern Apple computers for every second. Besides, the data makes it easy for the pilots to operate the engines. At the same time, they are easy to maintain as they gather a lot of data thereby enhancing customer experience.

Paul Mampilly is hopeful that millenials and baby boomers will embrace technology as they seek investment opportunities. He advices both parties to keep up with the tech-trends and observe useful information.