Ara Chackerian’s Entrepreneurial Methods

After graduating with a degree in marketing from Florida State University, Ara Chackerian began his career as a medical technology investor. Over this career, he has helped create and build multiple healthcare companies, including Embion/Provider Links, PipelineRX, and BMC Diagnostics. His success as an investor leads to his position as managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a firm that invests in healthcare companies in their early stages.

Over the course of a decade, Ara Chackerian helped build an organization of outpatient diagnostic centers. His business partner in this venture, Brad Hummel, would also be his partner in his next venture, TMS Health Solutions.

The third founder of TMS Health Solutions is Dr. Richard Bermudas, whom Chackerian had met when he was investigating transcranial magnetic stimulation. Dr. Bermudas, who was successfully using transcranial magnetic stimulation in his own therapy practices, was aware of the resistance that the technology faced, namely, difficulty getting insurance companies to cover the treatment.

Chackerian made TMS Health Solutions a success by reorganizing the way psychiatric care was delivered. Instead of a cramped tiny office, Chackerian decided to offer spacious and comfortable settings for transcranial magnetic stimulation. He implemented a patient-centered methodology which quickly saw results. For more details visit LinkedIn.

As a businessman, Chackerian finds he works best when he does not have a fixed schedule to adhere to. He prefers to focus on whatever has his attention, and feels this is when he is able to do his best work. He also takes pride in his ability to remain calm in all situations. He believes that a clear mind is an important quality to have when conducting businesses, and he often takes time to be in nature.

Besides his businesses, Chackerian also focuses on philanthropic goals. He is a great lover of nature and invests heavily in conservation efforts and sustainable pharming practices. You can search on Google to see more.

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