TMS Health Solutions-Winning the Fight Against Depression

Many people suffer from what is known as “clinical” depression. This type of depression is very hard to beat but not impossible with the right kind of technique. TMS Health Solutions is dedicated to helping those suffering from clinical depression. They offer psychiatry services, and they specialize in the treatment of the 40 percent of patients that are unresponsive to the usual techniques and medications commonly used to treat those with depression. These patients are known to have “Treatment-Resistant Depression.”

Clinical depression is a serious disorder that greatly affects the mood of the person who has it. Symptoms are quite severe, cause feelings of worthlessness and are quite debilitating. At least 6.7 percent of the population will experience an episode of this type of depression at least once this year alone, according to the CDC. Another 14 percent will have an episode in their lifetime and over 49 percent of these people have a resistance to any treatments for clinical depression. Clinical depression will not resolve itself, but rather it requires medication or some other form of treatment or a combination of both. Every person is different and will react differently to medications or treatments.

When medications do not work, there is still hope to get a normal life back. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has proven to be very helpful when medications have proved to be ineffective.

TMS therapy Parnassus utilizes magnetic stimulation in order to treat patients who are resistant to alternative treatments. TMS Health Solutions not only provides psychiatric treatment but they also monitor their patients once they are receiving treatment. Patients will sometimes respond well to a combination of medication and TMS therapy San Francisco.

TMS Health Solutions gets how difficult it can be to live with clinical depression, and that is why they are devoted to finding a cure. Their experienced team of practitioners are understanding and thoroughly committed to each and every one of their patients. With their help, their patients have been able to become productive again and to get back to their lives. It is all about the balance and perfect combination of therapy, medication, and treatments.

TMS Health Solutions has adopted the butterfly as its logo because the butterfly symbolizes a transformation just as their patients go through changes. The butterfly logo represents the hopes that TMS Health Solutions has for its patients and symbolizes a brand new chapter in their lives.