TMS Health Solutions- Your Answer to Comprehensive Care

TMS Health Solutions was first launched in 2007 under the name Mindful Health Solutions and evolved into TMS Health Solutions to reflect the kind of therapy it provides to patients today. Mental health conditions and clinical depression are treatable conditions, and the clinicians and staff at TMS health solutions have dedicated their time, energy, and passion to the research, and continuing education to treating those with mental health conditions. TMS Health Solutions offers comprehensive psychiatry services which include medication management for those afflicted with clinical depression and various mental health conditions. But TMS goes above and beyond by reaching out to the 40% of the population who do not respond to medication and other innovative therapies; otherwise known as patients with Treatment- Resistant Depression.

TMS Health Solutions is the proud leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a highly effective, FDA approved and non-invasive therapy option for patients that have not responded to antidepressants and other conventional treatments. TMS Health Solutions strives to free their patients from the burdens of clinical depression and other illnesses with compassion. By offering services including psychotherapy, medication, and TMS, clinicians can effectively eradicate the inferior quality of life often experienced by those afflicted with various mental health disorders.

Seeking help for clinical depression and other disorders can be a difficult decision for many. Being able to build solid and trustworthy relationships between practitioners and clients as well as with family members is key to constructing a solid foundation to ongoing care. Once the proper diagnosis is made, practitioners can help patients make informed decisions and care plans that will eliminate clinical depression or other disorders in a timely fashion. The clinicians at TMS Health Solutions have a collaborative working structure that includes continuous education, flexible scheduling, and a reduced demand on administrative flexibility. This kind of environment allows them to provide patients with the kind of individualized care and most up to date treatment options available.

TMS Health Solutions accepts most Insurance carriers including United Healthcare, Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Optum, and many more. You may check out their website to access all the major carriers at Here you will find many useful articles on mental health resources, featured press releases about things such as depression screening days, and various other articles and blogs. They are located in Sacramento, California and have opened up new locations as well. You may call for an initial appointment at 1-(844)-867-8444.

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