How TMS Health Solutions Helps People with Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder is something that almost 7% of people in America will experience in a given year. Around 14% of all people will experience this serious mood disorder at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there is help out there for people with this mental illness that can help them return to their normal lives.


TMS Health Solutions is a healthcare company headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their specialty is helping those who have mental health conditions that have failed to respond to other treatments. The team at this company does so by performing both research on the subject and educating others on their progress. They also provide transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for those patients who don’t respond to talk therapy or medication and are experiencing major depressive disorder. This type of therapy has been shown to be both safe and effective for their patients.


TMS therapy works by stimulating the brain using electromagnetic energy. TMS targets the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for the control of our moods. TMS has been approved by the FDA and is a non-invasive, outpatient procedure.


TMS Health Solutions has a number of locations that they operate in northern California. This includes Sacramento, Oakland, El Dorado Hills, Burlingame, Roseville, and two locations in San Francisco. There are plans in place to expand to a total of 25 locations in the coming years. Check out TMS Therapy Sacramento for more information.


The team at TMS Health Solutions knows that many people have a hard time asking for help when facing a mental health condition. All of the team members at their locations have been specially trained to deal with sensitive needs of their patients.


Since TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007 they have helped thousands of patients. They have experience with people experiencing a recent tragedy as well as those who have been suffering in silence for years. Many of their patients have found little success using multiple other therapies but are finding lasting help through TMS.


There are many experts working at TMS Health Solutions. The company is headed by Psychiatrist Richard Bermudes, MD, who is the CMO. Other top leaders include two other psychiatrists, Oana Galick, MD, and Kevin Rosi, MD, who act as regional medical directors. In addition to many other psychiatrists on their team, there is also a doctor at their San Francisco and Oakland locations, Joshua Kuluva, MD, who is a neurologist as well.

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