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A Short Profile On Actor Paul Wesley And A Brief Summary On Some Of His Recent Projects

Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski, better known by his professional name, Paul Wesley, was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey on July 23rd, 1982. His acting career dates back to his junior of high school when the soap opera Guiding Light cast him as the character Max Nickerson.

Paul Wesley
After graduating high school he enrolled in Rutgers University, but when more roles started coming his way and he felt acting could be a more prosperous career, he decided to leave after one semester.

Paul Wesley
Wesley has been in numerous films over the years, including Before I Disappear (2014) in which he co-starred and produced and went on to win the SXSW Festival Audience Award. The film follows the story of Richie, a man who feels he has nothing left to live for. When he agrees to look after his niece (Fatima Ptacek) for his alienated sister (Emmy Rossum) for a few hours one night, Richie soon finds himself in the middle of a battle between his bosses, Bill (Ron Perlman) and Gideon (Paul Wesley). During the evening Richie begins to realize that perhaps life is worth living.

Paul Wesley

In 2014 he also co-starred in Amira and Sam, a romantic comedy set in New York in 2008, just before the Great Recession. The plot follows the lives of Sam, an American soldier, and Amira, an illegal immigrant from Iraq, who meet through her uncle, Bassam, and establish a relationship after starting off on a rocky beginning..

In his New York stage debut, Cal in Camo, Wesley plays Flynt, a man trying to get over the death of his wife by spending time with his sister, Cal (Katya Campbell), and her husband, Tim (David Harbour). Unfortunately though, Cal and Tim are having their own troubles as their newborn daughter and Cal’s postpartum difficulties come into their lives.

Equities First Holdings UK

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