American Institute of Architects Advocates for Better Work Force Through Aggressive Leadership

     The American Institute of Architects, also known as AIA, is an organization that upholds the integrity of professionalism in the industry of architecture. AIA has its head quarter in Washington D.C and through its affiliated offices; it offers various programs on education, community redevelopment, public outreach and government policy. AIA is also prominent for working with other members of design, in addition to architecture to help in coordinating the building industry.

Background data

AIA was formed in New York. With the aid of 13 professional architects who held a meeting to discuss the agenda, a proposal was instigated to promote the scientific in addition to the practical improvement of architects. Until now, the organization has been operating through the directive of these founders. To the management of the institution, one of the most defining factors of operation is linked to elevating the profession. AIA prides itself on offering multiple programs for scholars. Before AIA was established, it was easy for any commoner to claim belonging to the great discipline of architecture. After the establishment, however, it became obvious for learned architectural students to easily identify with their profession.


With over 80,000 members who hold architectural licenses, AIA is associated with unmatched professionals who harbor great experiences. These professionals adhere to the standard ethics of operations and professional conduct. They are trained on the importance of great service delivery to clients. Additionally, these professionals are inclined towards ensuring that colleagues and the public service enjoy the dedication of their ability to offer high-level standards of services.

The leadership of AIA

Presently, AIA is headed by the experienced Robert Ivy, an architect by profession. Ivy has been a significant role model and lead executive for this organization. His services to AIA are imperative as he upholds the values and ethics of great professionalism in architecture. Robbery Ivy serves as the chief executive officer. It is therefore, upon him to exude confidence in handling various projects. Be it commercial and urban development, or just residential projects, Ivy has always handled his team and clients with utmost sensitivity and respect. He believes in the power of design as well. Perhaps it is through his progressive embrace of transformations that architecture can subject the world to, that his leadership at AIA has thrived. As the lead executive, Ivy ensures that the government implements viable policies for the growth of this profession. He is always in talks with policy –makers, to ensure that the award-winning institution thrives in excellence.

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