Madison Street Capital scoops the 2017 M&A Advisors Awards

Recently, M&A Advisors announced the finalists of the 2017 M&A Advisors Awards in a gala that was held at the Metropolitan Club earlier this month. The award-winning ceremony was a lively event attended by renowned personnel in various industries. The M&A Awards seeks to celebrate individuals in the M&A Industry who have demonstrated exemplary performance in various fields. David Fergusson, the company’s CEO and President noted that the M&A Awards recognize firms and individuals from both the middle and multi-billion dollar transactions that represent the highest levels of achievement.


This was the 16th Annual M&A Advisor awards ceremony held to honor professionals and companies whose activities have set the standards for the M&A transactions. At this year’s ceremony, there were more than 280 nominees from 650 different companies. The M&A Awards comprised of a judging committee of 29 industry experts who determined the winners in various categories.


Madison Street Capital emerged the winner in the Debt Financing Deal in which the company served as an advisor on the transaction for WI R Automotive. David Fergusson in his statement noted that they have been honoring the leading M&A transactions, dealmakers, and companies. Madison emerged as the winner in a category that was highly contested with more than 650 participants.


He continued to note that M&A Awards was honored to present Madison Capital with the highest honor for M&A professionals and firms. Madison earned the honors by demonstrating exemplary performance in a group where there were other impressive candidates. Besides scooping the M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital also competed in the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the year. It was also a finalist in the Financials Deal of the Year.


The Gala is held annually to celebrate the leading M&A Dealmakers, and it was held in union with the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit. In addition to the 16th Annual M&A Advisor winners, Blumenfeld was presented with the inaugural Tom Farrell Memorial Award. Ceasar Anquillare also received the 2017 Leadership Award.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a banking firm specializing in investment. The firm is committed to excellence, integrity, leadership and offering corporate financial services, financial options, merger and acquisition expertise, and valuation services to both public and privately held businesses. The services offered by Madison Capital enable to position their clients at a better position in the market. Madison Street Capital considers emerging markets as the primary component driving the growth of individuals and firms around the world. Learn more:


Securus Technologies enhances inmates communication in the United States.

Securus Technologies is a prison technological company based in U. S Dallas Texas. It was founded in 1986 with regional offices located in Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, and Carrollton. The company is estimated to employ approximately 1000 permanent employees and 2600 who are on a contract basis within correctional facilities across Canada and United States.


Inmates in a correctional facility who would like to communicate with people at home are encouraged to visit Securus website that offers a wonderful platform to communicate with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies is believed to be the best agent in solving crime since it offers monitoring services to corrections facilities and security agencies. Law enforcement officers have a right to listen to conversation between the inmates and outsiders and this also gives them information which helps in investigation.


One should not have any worries while using Securus Technologies platform since it is safe and secure. This platform gives inmates an excellent opportunity to communicate with their loved ones when they cannot visit them in jail physically. This platform helps in saving the visitor’s time and money since some of them travel quite a distance between their place of residence and jail facilities. There are customer service representatives who can be contacted by the inmates in case they experience difficulties when using the platform.


Securus is committed to becoming the best tech-based software provider by offering innovative solutions that are economical to their customers. Securus Technologies provides services that are based on the emergency response, communication, verification, public information, inmate self-service as well as monitoring products and services. Securus Technology has hundreds of patents and scores of engineers, designers, technologists, and thinkers who provide excellent, innovative solutions which are second to none.


The Influential David McDonald

OSI Group is a food processing company and discovered that it has been in existence for more than 20 years. The company has distributed food to Mr. McDonald since commencing its operations in Beijing. The company supplied chicken, pork, beef, and eggs during the Olympic Games which were held in the year 2008. The company did not receive any complaints regarding the supplies.

Starbucks is owned by McDonald receives supplies from OSI Group. The other brands the company supplies with food include Yum, Burger King, Papa Jones, Saizeriya and the Subway. David Mc Donald is the president of OSI Group of companies. He states that the company has established a global network where individuals from the organization have been positioned in their offices around the globe.

The company’s management is well positioned and it understands the local cultures and is sensitive to their tests. According to Mc Donald, the company is the largest supplier of poultry in China. The company has the population power as it grows thus it is growing tremendously which is an advantage to them.

Under Mc Donald’s stewardship, the company has established production and processing facilities in the world. The company has constructed a feeding Mill in Shandong and a food processing plant to manufacture vegetable products in India. The president insists that the company is determined to producing more to their customers through the development of products.

McDonald has embraced the partnership program to offer good services to the consumers. Companies that develop equipment have been encouraged to develop products that enhance the quality and safety of the products. The company has monitored the way agricultural products are grown and advice the farmers on the methods to employ.

McDonald has demonstrated the need to engage the consumers in the company’s plans. This is to help incorporate their views in the suggestions of the company. The president encourages consumers to engage early with the customers to get valuable products. McDonald is delighted that in that the company has been able to purchase Baho Foods.

The Baho Foods are the leading manufacturer of meat products and this will broaden OSI’s presence in the European market.The company has been able to supplement OSI products which is a great mileage.

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Matt Badiali, a Geological Guru Determined to Utilize his Expertise to Succeed in the Financial Domain

     Matt Badiali is a practicing geologist currently working at the University of North Carolina and Banyan Hill Publishing. He explains his involvement with a project linked with the financial path. Matt was approached by a prominent financial expert asking him to join his venture as an associate. This individual had a record of making a fortune by trading research to leading investors. Badiali received this awakening call to take part in the initiative which required a qualified geologist for its success. The venture majorly dealt with mining, energy and the natural resource sector at large. The financial expert was positive that with Matt on the team, there was an assurance of exceptional results.

Matt Badiali had the task of ensuring that all the companies involved had equivalent resources to what was documented on paper. This meant that he had to travel around the globe locating the companies and verifying their details. Some of the tasks he performed included the examination of oil wells, assessing core samples in gold mines and analyzing of on-site field maps. Matt’s associate, the financial expert, offered him a paycheck 5 times more and was willing to walk him through all the necessary tips for successful investing. This was a deal too good to turn his back on. Eventually, Matt wholeheartedly delved into the venture.

During these operations, Badiali visited several countries some of them being Iraq, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and Vancouver among other places. He is contented with the fact that he gets the opportunity of meeting prominent resource investors, oil company CEOs, and precious metals experts. Matt is happy with the significant progress he has made over the past decade in investment and is still positive that better opportunities still lie ahead. His research bore fruits and in one instance he was able to make 167% on the Northern Dynasty and 161% on Parker Drilling.

Matt Badiali is a distinguished alumnus of the Penn State University where he earned a B.S. in Earth sciences. He furthered his postgraduate studies in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt’s profession as a geologist has come in handy several times when it comes to identifying risky occurrences of the earth. He takes part in checking whether it is safe to drill a hole and how long such a process would take. Badiali is one successful geologist who merged his area of specialization with his acquired investment training to reach greater heights. Prior to his service at Banyan, Matt served an environmental company as a consultant.