Bruno Fagali: The state of law in Brazil

     Brazil is one of the largest economies on the globe and continues to be a fertile ground for business investments. Big multinationals and banks have opened offices in Brazilian cities and still more and more still continue to be setup up even by the locals. With business, investments come serious issues of setting up the business running. The issues involved are numerous, right from documentation to making sure the business is in line with the law of the land. In the modern world of business transactions, it is common for business organizations especially large corporate organization to seek the services of business law or corporate lawyers. In Brazilian judicial system is headed by a judge who also leads in the litigation. The judge is the one who presides over litigation, investigate facts as well as interrogating the witnesses. Also important to note is that lawyers in Brazil are allowed to represent clients even in disciplines that they did pursue in their law education.

Bruno Fagali

Bruno is a lawyer and a corporate Integrity Manager in Brazil. He is a holder of a law degree in Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali is an ardent law reader and has been to various institutions to pursue further knowledge on law. This has seen him obtain a masters in law from the law faculty of USP. Bruno Fagali litigates on matters of anti-corruption law. Under the anti-corruption law there are 3 divisions, administrative contracts, federal civil actions and the regulatory law.

Bruno runs an office in Sao Paulo as corporate integrity manager. Bruno success is attributed to his passion for law. This has seen his career shine and gain a lot clients in the populous country of Brazil. Bruno Fagali is also known to possess great oratory skills that see him present his cases in fluent and understandable manner. Bruno Fagali has also been able to make it to the list of members of Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

In his early stages of litigation, Bruno Fagali used to handle three disciplines; consumer law, family law and violence law. He later dropped some and concentrated only in advisory public law. Bruno has a good understanding of four languages English Spanish, French and Portuguese.