Desiree Perez and her part in Roc Nation

Desiree Perez, also known as Des Perez is the Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation. For approximately 20 years, she has been a close associate to Jay Z. Des Perez has an impressive track record in managing the SC Enterprises. When it comes to crunching numbers, she has proved herself and is known as a tough negotiator. With a unique history, Des Perez was involved in negotiating the Rihanna Samsung deal and the Beyonce Formation stadium. Perez is a member of the collective team that is mandated to run the operations at Roc Nation. She is involved in publishing, labeling operations and management.  More to read on

On an article published by, the landmark deal of $150 million by Jay Z with Live Nation is coming to a close. Jay Z, who is a rap mogul, is welcoming other bigwigs in the music industry to take a stake in Roc Nation. In 2008, Jay Z signed a grand deal with Live Nation worth $150 million for a span of ten years. The deal will be ending next year and it is said that it could cause a “buy-sell”. This means that either the two partners of the deal could possibly sell their stake at the Roc Nation to the other or even outrightly buy the company. Additional article on

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Undisclosed sources however state that Live Nation has plans to continue its epic touring deal with the rap mogul although it hopes to leave out the recorded music side. According to Live Nation, it hopes to continue the good relationship it has with the author. A music insider has states that the 360 deal of Jay Z and Live Nation will not be extended. Live Nation has stated that it is not involved any more in the business of buying music that has been recorded. Some of the artists signed at Roc Nation include Shakira, Jay Z, Rihanna, Fat Joe and Meek Mill among others. Check for more reading. Together with Des Perez, Jay Z met with the CEO and Chairman of Universal Music Group at Santa Monica, California. This has sparked speculations about Universal Music Group buying a stake at Roc Nation. This new move could possibly give more resources to Jay Z in developing new artists. More news on

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