Whitney Wolfe Has A Message To Women Everywhere: “You’ve Got A Friend.”

Whether you’re familiar with the Bumble app or not, getting to know its best uses will help you on figuring out whether its the right choice for you and your needs. It’s no secret that dating sites have evolved since their original conception and while online dating still has a strong following for websites, the added convenience that an app for your phone provides is an irreplaceable addition for those who have busy lives but would still like some way to check in and communicate with their matches on the go.

One of the original co-founders of the popular dating app Tinder, which she has since left, Whitney Wolfe has certainly been a busy bee since graduating college. The 26 year old CEO and main founder of Bumble has quite the repertoire behind her in the sale side of things. At the early age of only 19, she saw her first glimpses of success in a bamboo tote selling company that Whitney Wolfe founded and has since gotten a taste for business and entrepreneurial startups. Not only that but her past efforts with the tote company helped out those affected by the oil spill in Deepwater Horizon back in 2010, so just add philanthropist to that list and you have yourself someone who knows what it takes to provide a valuable service that benefits the lives of others in some way.

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This is exactly the vision that surrounds the main Bumble app, as well as the most recent subsection added to the app, aptly named Bumble BFF. Through this added subsection, as a woman, you will gain access to meaningful connections with other women. The main aim for BFF is to help women form friendships with other women, instead of relying on the app to seek out namely romantic relationships or platonic relationships with men only. Since this feature was added to Bumble’s 12.5 million user base, there have been more than 1 million swipes on BFF within its first week. This shows promise for the app and it proves that there is demand for friendship-oriented connections among women hoping to expand their social circle.

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