What You Should About the Mortgage Banking Guru Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar studied at Syracuse University where he studied Speech Communication. Todd’s most impressive business skill has been that of Mortgage Banking. After graduating from college, Todd started working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He later worked for Legacy Financial Group which is situated in Arlington, Texas. While at Legacy Group, Mr. Lubar assisted the company to grow their Maryland branch to generate a loan volume of several hundred million annually. However, Todd worked with the Legacy Group till 2005 where he accepted the offer to become the Senior V.P of Charter Funding. Currently, Todd is the President at TDL Ventures.

When interviewed by Hackronym, Todd attests that his biggest passion, for the last 20 years he has been in the credit space, has been assisting people to achieve the most aspiring dreams. Lubar achieves this by removing most of the bottlenecks that bar people from getting loans. He came up with a product known as RELIEF. RELIEF is a product that provides consumers with all they need regarding financial assistance. Also, Lubar says while working as a Loan Originator for Crestar Corporation; he was able to learn important business skills and understand top business models. Also, he worked with many customers, insurance agents, CPA’s, financial planners and real estate agents who helped him gain various business skills. You can visit Ideamensch for info.

In the year 2007 and 2008, when the real estate sector was undergoing a major financial crunch, Todd invested in other areas. Apart from his Mortgage specialty, Lubar has also invested in various areas of business like demolition sector, real estate sector, recycling business, and nightclub sector. His Commercial Demolition business has been able to land some of the biggest contracts in the country. However, his Automotive Scrap Business was traded in the Public Market space.

The real estate guru subsists with his wife and two lovely kids in Bethesda, Maryland. Todd spends most of his free time with his family and often takes them for vacation across America and abroad. Moreover, Todd is committed to giving back to the society. Mr. Lubar supports various charitable organizations where he extends a helping hand to those in need. Moreover, Todd attests that he enjoys helping people add value in their day to day lives.

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